Manage Lead Tags


  • For customers onboarded after 17th January 2023, the Lead Tag Manager feature will not be available.
  • For customers onboarded before the said date, if the feature was not enabled on your account before 17th January 2023, the feature is no longer available for you.

1. Feature Overview

Tagging is a quick way to add a label to a lead, for easy identification of leads. The Lead Tagging feature enables users to associate leads with relevant tags (e.g., the lead’s city – Bengaluru, Chennai, the lead’s profession – Doctor, Accountant, etc.). These tags can be created using words or phrases. The intent of tagging is to describe certain attributes that are not captured in lead fields or activities.

Note: To know how to add tags to your leads, refer to Tag Your Leads.


2. Prerequisite

You must be the Administrator of your LeadSquared account.


3. Create a Lead Tag

  1. Navigate to Settings>Leads>Lead Tag Manager.
  2. Click Create.
  3. On the text bar, enter the Lead Tag, and click .
  4. To save the current tag and add more Lead Tags, click Save & New.

LeadSquared - Create Lead Tag


4. Other Actions

  • To edit an existing Lead Tag, alongside the tag, click Edit.
  • To delete an existing Lead Tag, alongside the tag, click delete.

LeadSquared - Edit Lead tags


5. Permission to Add New Tags

By default, all the users in your account can add existing tags to your leads. In addition to this, you can also permit users to add new tags to leads directly from the Lead Details page.

LeadSquared - Tag permissions

For example, if you have existing tags “Bangalore”, “Chennai” and “New Delhi” in your account, and you want to add the tag “Hyderabad”, you can enter this term in the search box, and hit ENTER. This new tag is added to your lead, and a new tag is automatically created in your account.

Lead Tags


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Ganesh Kolte
20 days ago

Hi, how we can search the lead by Tags which we tag via automations? or when we add via import. Please help.

Vir Singh
Reply to  Ganesh Kolte
19 days ago

Hi Ganesh,
You can search for tags using quick search on the Manage Leads page. In the example screenshot below, we’ve searched for 2 tags, Diwali and Holi separated by a comma (Diwali, Holi).

Manage Tags.png
Last edited 19 days ago by Vir Singh