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Manage Lead Tags

Lead Tagging in LeadSquared now enables Users to associate leads with relevant Tags.

Tagging is a quick way to add a label to a lead, it helps in easy identification of Leads.

Users can now put tags to leads to label them with words or phrases.

The intent of tagging would be to describe certain attributes that are not captured in lead fields or activities.

Users can search for tagged leads in Quick Search by entering the tag name (put the tag name in quotes like “tag name” if it contains more than one word).

If you are a User looking for information on how to add tags to your leads, refer to article: Tag your Leads.


Tagging can be controlled & configured by Admin Users under Settings > Customization > Lead Tag Manager.

LeadSquared Admin Users can Manage Lead Tags as stated below:

1. Create and specify Tags to be added to leads by the Users.

2. Control Permissions for Users to add new Tags to Leads.

3. Edit or Delete Tags.

Note: New Tags are the ones that are not made available by an Admin.


As said above, to Manage Lead Tags, you should be an Admin user of your LeadSquared Account.


From the main menu navigate to My Accounts > Settings > Leads > Lead Tag Manager.

Lead tags 11

1. Create Tags:

Admin Users can create Tags in the Lead Tag Manager by clicking the Create button.


On clicking Create button, a text bar appears > add the Tag Name and click Save icon.

To add another Tag in the list, click Save & Add New icon beside Save icon.

Save Tag

These available tags can be used by all the Users to Tag Leads.

Permission to create more tags can be regulated/restricted (for other Users) by the Admin Users.


2. Provide/Restrict Permission to the Users to create more tags:

Admin User can choose to restrict/permit the Users to add new tags to the leads.

Note: New Tags would mean tags that are not created or made available by an Admin or other User who has the permission to add new tags. (Refer to image below)

You would see Sales Users are not permitted to add new tags by default.

Lead Tags 2

Here is an image to show the List of available Tags created by Admin.

List of tags

This list of Tags will be updated with all the new Tags that the allowed Users add to the Leads.

3. Edit & Delete Tags: 

Admin Users can edit, delete the tags available in the list using the Edit & Delete icons seen next to each Tag name under Actions column.

Edit or delete tags

That is all about the Manage Lead Tags – Settings.

For any queries please feel free to write to us at support@leadsquared.com.