How to Add and Manage Custom Activity Tabs in the Lead Details Window?

The tabs feature in the Lead Details window allows you view and add various Activity tabs to your Lead Details window. The Add New Tab feature allows you create and manage the tabs you want to view in your Lead Details window.


The various activity tabs allows you to view the various activities, tasks, details and so on related to the corresponding Lead. It also allows you view the details in a given time period.


  • You should be logged into your LeadSquared system.


To add a new tab:

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

  • Click the required Lead under Lead Name. The Lead Details window appears.

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

The highlighted section in the above image are the various activity tabs of the Lead Details window.

  • To move between the various tabs, click  move-button.
  • To create a custom activity tab, click  add button. The Add new tab pop-up box appears.

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

Complete the following details:

  • Tab Name: Enter the required name for the custom activity tab.
  • Notable Activities – Select the required activity types from the drop-down list. The tab displays the data for all the selected activity types from here.

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

In the above image, for the Custom Activity tab Email Activities, all the Email activities are selected as an example. This displays all the Email Activities in one single tab.

  • Set as Default Tab – Allows you to set custom activity tab as the default tab. Default tab indicates that the tab is the most frequently used

Once the settings are completed, click Save. The Custom Activity tab appears in the Lead Details window.

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

Note: Changes made to the tabs in the Lead Details window is not Lead specific. It is common for all the Leads in your LeadSquared system.

You can move the tab position by clicking and dragging the tab. See the below image for reference.

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

To view all the activity tabs:

  • Click down arrow. The list of all activity appears in a drop-down list.

LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

You can change the default tab from here. To do this:

  • Move the cursor along the list and click Default against the required tab. See the below image for reference.

 LeadSquared Custom Activity Tab

The list also displays the custom tabs which are created using the Custom Tab Connector. For more information on this, refer to Custom Tab Connector

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