How to Create a Multi Select Dropdown Field?

A drop-down selection allows you to search through a large list of choices. A Multi-Select drop-down field allows you to select multiple values in a drop-down list.

This article explains how to create multiple selection drop-down fields in your LeadSquared system. These fields are used in the various Lead forms, APIs, Landing Pages and the Advanced Search feature of your LeadSquared system.


  • You should be an Administrator User of your LeadSquared system in order to create a Multi-Select Dropdown field.



  • Click Create. The  Create Lead Field (Custom) window appears.




  • Enter the values for the Multi-select Dropdown field in the area as highlighted in the image below:

  • Click Save. The Multi Select Drop-Down Field is created.

The Multi Select Drop-Down Field created is available across all lead forms and the Advanced Search feature of LeadSquared. Please see the below images for reference.

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