How to Enable Geotracking for LeadSquared Mobile App Users

You can capture the geographical location when a custom activity is added to a LeadSquared user. This feature is available to both Android and iOS users of the LeadSquared mobile application.


  • You should be an Administrator user of the LeadSquared application in order to create a Custom Activity and enable tracking to it.
  • The LeadSquared Mobile Application for Android or iOS.


There are two steps involved to track the location from a custom activity.

  • Enable tracking for the Custom Activity from the LeadSquared Web application.
  • Adding the corresponding Custom Activity from the LeadSquared mobile application.

The above steps are detailed below:

Step 01: How to enable to tracking for the Custom Activity

LeadSquared Mobile App Geotracking

  • Create or select an already created Custom Activity. For more information on how to create and edit a Custom Activity, refer to How to add Custom Lead Activity and associate a Score to it?.
  • In the Add Custom Activity Type or Update Custom Activity Type pop-up box, Select Yes from the Track Location drop-down list and click Save.

LeadSquared Mobile App Geotracking

Step 02: How to Add the Custom Activity from the Mobile Application to capture the location

The Global Positioning System (GPS) should be enabled in your mobile phone before the below step, in order to capture the location.

  • From the default dashboard of the LeadSquared Mobile App, go to Leads -> All Leads.
  • From the Leads list, select the desired Lead. The Lead Details page appears.

LeadSquared Mobile App Geotracking

  • In the Activity History tab, click Add and select Notable Activity. The Add Activity box appears.

LeadSquared Mobile App Geotracking

  • From the Activity Type drop-down list, select the Custom Activity with the tracking enabled.

LeadSquared Mobile App Geotracking

  • Complete the remaining details and save.

Once this is completed, the custom activity is captured in the Activity History pane along with the location details in both web and mobile applications of LeadSquared.

LeadSquared Mobile App Geotracking

LeadSquared Mobile App Geotracking

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