How to Enable Geotracking for LeadSquared Mobile App Users

1. Feature Overview

Using Geo-tracking, you can capture the geographical location (physical location) of your Field Sales Users through the LeadSquared mobile app. There are two ways in which Geotracking works –

This feature can be used to monitor authenticity when your Field Sales Users are –

  • Collecting KYC documents from your lead’s location.
  • Collecting the lead’s signature.
  • Delivering parcels to your lead.


  • Your user’s location is continuously tracked every few minutes through their Android device. But if they’re using an iOS device, they need to show signs of movement for their location to be tracked.
  • To ensure your users complete tasks and post activities only within a defined radius, enable LeadSquared’s Geofencing feature.

LeadSquared - Location tracking screenshot - Web App


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be the Administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • Ensure location tracking is enabled on your user’s mobile device. To know more, refer to Location Tracking on LeadSquared Mobile.
  • Users must be checked-in to LeadSquared for their locations to be tracked.
  • In order to access this feature, you must be running the following versions of the mobile app –
Note: If the user has checked out of their LeadSquared account, they will no longer be tracked.


3. Enable Geo-tracking

  1. From the LeadSquared web app, navigate to Settings>Leads>Custom Activity & Scores.
  2. Alongside the Custom Activity type for which you want to enable tracking, click Edit.
  3. On the Update Custom Activity Type pop-up box, alongside Track Location, click Checkbox.
  4. Once you’re done, click Next. After you fill in the other details, click Save.
Note: To add an activity through Mobile Application, see Activity Management – Feature Guide.

LeadSquared - Enable Track Location on Web app


4. Track Real Time location

You can track the real time location of your sales users when they are checked-in to LeadSquared. You can also view the user’s location history through LeadSquared Reports.

To enable the Track real-time location setting –

  1. From your LeadSquared web app, navigate to Settings>Mobile App>Permissions. 
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and alongside Track real-time location, click Checkbox.
  4. Once you’re done, click Save.

Note: To know more about Mobile App settings, see Configure Mobile App Settings from the Web Platform.

LeadSquared - Enable Track location permission


5. View Location

The location of your field sales user will be displayed on the Activity History page in Web and Mobile Applications. The entire location history of the user will be displayed on the Reports page.

  • From the Lead Details page.

LeadSquared - Location tracking screenshot - Web App

  • From the LeadSquared mobile app.

LeadSquared - Location Tracking using Mobile App - screen

  • User Location History view from the mobile app.

LeadSquared - User location history report

  • View Location History Reports
    1. From the main menu, navigate to Reports>Reports Home.
    2. Click Field Sales Tracking, and click on any of the following reports –
      • Field Sales Activity Tracker
      • Last Known Location of Users
      • User Location History Tracker

LeadSquared - Location History report


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