How to Create a Dropdown Type Lead Field

For a complete overview  on how to create Custom Fields refer to the following article  :

How to create custom fields in LeadSquared?

LeadSquared offer you to create Custom Fields of the following data types

Data TypeRendered AsExample
NumberTextboxFax Number
EmailEmailAlternate Email Id
PhoneTextbox or Phone ControlerPhone Number
WebsiteURLCompany Blog
DateDateFollow Up Date
BooleanRadio button or CheckboxValid Passport
DropdownDropdown Values Use Add button to add new value, arrow button to change the order and cross button to delete. Click here to view the setting screenshot.Course Opted For

LeadSquared Dropdown Settings

Procedure to create Dropdown type of Custom field in LeadSquared:

1. To create a Custom Field, navigate to My Account > Settings. On the Settings Page click on Manage Custom Fields tab to see the custom fields grid.

2. Click on Create Custom Field button to create a new custom field.

Create fiedl

3. Give a Display Name to the Custom field to be created.

4. Under Input Data Properties section, set Data Input Type  as Dropdown to create a Dropdown type of Custom field.

custom field

5. You can choose from 3 types of dropdown fields available. Select Show as. 

  1. Dropdown
  2. Searchable Dropdown
  3. Dropdown with Others

Show as

Dropdown : It will have the available options in dropdown list.

Searchable Dropdown: This field will be searchable. You can key in the text field and see the relevant options available, matching the letters entered.

Dropdown with Others: This dropdown field will have Others as a default option along with the list of options provided.

6.1. For a Dropdown you can add the options in the fields shown below. Click on Add button to add more options.

Any of the options can be chosen to be default by selecting the Radio button next to the option.

Also, the order of the options can be re-arranged using the up-down arrows next to each option.

select 1

6.2 For a Searchable Dropdown enter the options (to be seen in the dropdown list) separated by commas, in the field as shown below.


6.3 For Dropdown with Others the procedure to add options is similar to that of a Dropdown. Refer to step 6.1.

7. Once the required dropdown type is chosen with required options, select appropriate Lead Field Properties and click on Save button to Save the Custom field.

Examples for each drop down type custom field created:

A. Dropdown

dd exmpl

B. Searchable Dropdown

Searchable DDown example

C. Dropdown with Others

dd with other...ex

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