Selecting a Landing Page Template

You can create landing pages using any of the many templates available in LeadSquared. If the templates do not match your requirement, you can create a landing page from scratch using a blank template.


  • You must be logged in to LeadSquared.
  • You must be an Administrator or Marketing User of your LeadSquared account.


LeadSquared Landing Pages

  • Click Create Landing Page. The Landing Page creation wizard appears.

LeadSquared Landing Pages

  • Complete the following details:
    • Landing Page NameEnter the name of the Landing Page here. This name is to identify your landing page in the LeadSquared application.
    • Marketing Tags – Enter and select the required Marketing Tag from here. For more information on Marketing Tags, refer to Manage Marketing Tags.

Note: The name of the Landing page can be of any alphanumeric or special character string with a maximum of 100 characters. Also, you cannot give a name that has already been used & can not proceed further to the next step without Naming the Landing Page.

LeadSquared Landing Pages

  • Select the required template which you can customize further in the subsequent steps. You can select any one of the below templates type:
    • Use Responsive Templates      
    • Bring your HTML
    • Copy from Existing Landing Page  

Use Responsive Templates (Recommended)

Using Responsive Templates you can build beautiful conversion optimized landing pages that work/render well on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. To understand how to use Responsive Editor/designer for building Responsive pages refer to Building Responsive Landing Pages.

 Bring your HTML

To use your own HTML template to create a Landing Page refer to Creating Landing Page from HTML.

Copy from Existing

You can also copy the landing page design from a previously created landing page. To do this:

  • Click on Copy from Existing Landing Page option. You are able to view the list of landing pages if you have created them previously.

LeadSquared Landing PagesYou can select from a list of previously created/existing Landing Pages as shown in the image above.

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