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How to set up Custom Tabs for your LeadSquared Mobile Application?

This help article allows you to understand how to set up custom tabs using the Custom Tab Connector for your LeadSquared Mobile Application. This allows you to get any required additional information as custom tabs to the Lead Details page of your LeadSquared mobile application.

Before you understand how to set up custom tabs for the LeadSquared mobile application, you should understand how the Custom Tab Connector of LeadSquared works. For more information on this, refer to Custom Tab Connector. 


  • The LeadSquared Custom Tab connector should be installed in your LeadSquared account.
  • For android users, you must have installed LeadSquared Android Mobile App version 5.1 or higher.
  • For iOS users, you must have installed  LeadSquared Android Mobile App version 2.4 or higher.
  • You must be an administrator user of your LeadSquared web account.


  • From the default dashboard of your LeadSquared web application, go to APPS -> Apps MarketplaceThe Market Place window appears:

  • Under All Connectors, select UI Customization -> Custom Tab Connector. The Custom Tab Connector window appears:

  • Under Settings, click Configure. The Configure Custom Tab Connector pop-up box appears:

  • Select Click to Add Custom Tab. Enter the required details of the custom tab as per the information given here.
  • In Show Tab In, check Mobile App so that the custom tab appears in the Mobile App as well.

Once the settings are completed, click Save. The Custom tab is now created. As an example, a custom tab Facebook is created.

Once the custom tab is created, follow the steps below:

  • Log on to your LeadSquared mobile application. The default dashboard appears:

  • Under menu, select Leads -> Lead List and select the required Lead. The Lead Details page of the corresponding Lead appears:

Here if you scroll along the tabs, you can see that the custom tab which you had created appears here.

Similarly, you can create the custom tabs of your choice and make them available in the Lead details page.