Dependent Lead Fields

1. Feature Overview

In some instances, there’ll be a dependency between two lead fields (e.g., the Campus field is dependent on the Department field for an account created for colleges) . Here, you can create a dependency between these lead fields by selecting one as the parent field (Campus) and the other (one or more) as the child field (Department).

You can also create multi-level dependencies by assigning multiple child fields to a parent field. For example, you can add both Department and Courses Offered as the fields dependent on the Campus field. When a user enters a value for Campus, only the Department and Courses Offered in that particular Campus will be shown.


  • When adding Dependent dropdown fields, you can add up to 1,000 parent options, and up to 5,000 child options (across all the parent fields).
  • To create multi-level dependencies, select the child field of the original dependent pair as the parent field of the new pair.
  • Dependencies can only be created for Dropdown and Dropdown with Others type lead fields. It cannot be created for Searchable Dropdown.


2. Prerequisites


3. Create Dependent Lead Fields

  1. Navigate to Settings>Leads>Dependent Lead Fields. and click Create.
  2. From the Select Parent Field dropdown, select a relevant field.
  3. From the Select Child Field dropdown, select a relevant field, and click Next.
  4. For each Parent Field shown in the next window, select the corresponding Child Field.
  5. Once you’re done, click Save.


  • You cannot use system lead fields to create dependent lead fields.
  • Lead Source and Lead Stage fields are not displayed in the child field dropdown.
  • If a lead field has the Lock After Create setting enabled, you cannot use it as a child field.
  • If the Use in Lead Clone setting is enabled for the child field, it must be enabled for the parent field as well.
  • The values given to the child field in the Dependent Lead Fields page overrides the default values given to it in the Lead Fields page. If the dependency is removed, the lead fields restore their default values.

LeadSquared - Create Dependent Lead Fields


4. Other Actions

  1. To edit a Dependent Lead Field, click Edit.
  2. To delete a Dependent Lead Field, click delete.
Note: When you delete the dependency of a Lead Field, the respective lead fields will not get deleted.

LeadSquared - Edit Dependent Lead Field


5. Next Steps

Once you have created the dependencies between the dropdown fields, you can add these fields to Lead Forms (see How to create a Form and Lead Form Customization).


  • When a Child Field is added to the form, the Parent Field is also added.
  • If you create multiple dependencies on the Parent Field and add the last Child Field to the form, all the dependent fields get added.
  • Before removing Parent Fields from a form, the dependent Child Fields must be removed first to avoid errors.
  • Dependent Fields included in the form cannot be deleted from the Lead Fields page. You must move the field to the Hidden Fields section in the form before deleting it.


Any Questions?

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10 months ago

Do we have the same functionality for activity fields as well?

1 year ago

Can dependent fields not be bulk updated through “Manage Leads” tab?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Ashwin
1 year ago

Hi, Ashwin. Currently, dependent fields cannot be bulk updated through the Manage Leads tab. We’ll let you know if this changes in the future.