Integrate SuperReceptionist (Knowlarity) with LeadSquared Telephony

1. Feature Overview

SuperReceptionist by Knowlarity is a cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system. Once you integrate your Knowlarity account with LeadSquared through the Universal Telephony Connector Generic Instance, you can –

  • Make calls and automatically track the calls in Lead Activity History.
  • Utilize the Agent Popup to store or view lead information during phone calls.
  • Automatically create new leads through incoming phone calls from unknown numbers.
  • View your call logs as LeadSquared activities together with downloadable recordings.
  • Manage your potential deals (upsells/cross-sells) through the Opportunities feature.


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be an administrator user of your LeadSquared account.
  • Your account plan must support Telephony integration.
  • You must have an active admin account with Knowlarity.
  • You must have a calling plan with Knowlarity.
  • You must purchase an SR number (virtual number) through Knowlarity.
  • Your Knowlarity account must be KYC verified (On SuperReceptionist, navigate to Account>Settings>KYC).


3. Configure SuperReceptionist

3.1 Add Agents on SuperReceptionist

Add Agent(s) to your SuperRecpetionist account who will receive and make calls –

  1. Navigate to Settings>Agents.
  2. Click on Add Agent.

knowlarity create agent

Fill in details about your Agent. Fields marked (*) are mandatory. Once done, click Save.

knowlarity add agent

3.2 Create a Call Group.

Navigate to Settings>Call Groups and click Add Call Group.

If an Agent does not pick up an incoming call, then the call will be redirected to the available agents in the call group you have created –

knowlarity call group


4. Enable and Configure LeadSquared on SuperReceptionist

Navigate to Settings>Integrations on SuperReceptionist and enable LeadSquared UTC. Next, Click on the knowlarity plugin edit icon on the plugin to configure LeadSquared.

knowlarity lsq plugin

Here, you will need to enter LeadSquared’s Agent Popup URL and Call Log URL. Follow the steps in the next section of this article to find the URLs.

Note: You can fill in the rest of the fields as required. Please contact Knowlarity for information on the fields and features on this page.

knowlarity lsq config


5. Install and Configure UTC

This section will show you how to install UTC and configure its features for SuperReceptionist.

5.1 Install UTC

On LeadSquared, navigate to Apps>Apps Marketplace, search for the Universal Telephony Connector, and click Install.

Installing the connector

Next –

  1. Hover the cursor over the settings Settings icon icon and click Configure.
  2. Click the3cx add new connector icon to add a new connector.
  3. Select LeadSquared Generic Telephony Connector as the Connector Type.
  4. Name the connector and click Add.

5.2 Agent Popup API  and Call Log API URL

Now, you can navigate to the Agent Popup API and Call Log API tab to copy the URLs. Paste these URLs into the LeadSquared configuration page on SuperReceptionist.

knowlarity agent and call log

Note: make sure you enable Agent Popup as well.

knowlarity enable agent pop up

5.3 Configure Virtual Numbers

Navigate to the Virtual Numbers tab to add one or more virtual numbers (or SR numbers). You will need to purchase these numbers from Knowlarity.

Once done, click on the callgear virtual number save icon to save the numbers.

knowlarity sr numbers

5.4 Configure Call Route API

The Call Route API automatically routes incoming calls from existing leads to the respective Lead Owner in your LeadSquared account. The API (Lead Route V2) must be configured as a hook on SuperReceptionist.

Note: Please get in touch with Knowlarity to configure this API.
knowlarity call route

5.5 Configure Click 2 Call

Navigate to the Click 2 Call tab and configure the following settings –

MethodServer Side API


  • This URL is a sample template. Some parameters included in the URL could change. Contact Knowlarity for more information.
  • Replace the api_key value with your SuperReceptionist API key. For example, api_key=6666.
Response KeywordSuccess
Response TypeText
EnableSelect this value to enable Click 2 Call

Once done, click Save.

knowlarity c2c


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