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Lead Management – Feature Guide

LeadSquared’s Manage Leads module lets you create and manage your leads in a single place. You can import new leads from CSV file, create leads manually or let LeadSquared create them when anyone submits on a Landing page. This module focuses on overall process of lead management in identifying, educating, engaging, qualifying, and passing leads to sales.


  • LeadSquared supports following methods of Lead capture:
    • Add leads to the system manually using Quick Add Leads or Add New Lead options.
    • Import leads to the system. You can import new leads to the system from various sources. Imported leads can be assigned to lead owners to manage marketing campaigns.
    • Leads get created when visitors submit on Landing pages.
    • Leads are created when you mark an email from/to a contact to be sent/tracked through LeadSquared
  • Segment Leads using power List Management module
  • Define notable activities and corresponding lead scores to distinguish leads that need high attention
  • Track all activities of Lead. The Lead details page displays entire history of notable activities on a Lead.
  • Create and manage custom fields. Apart from default fields, LeadSquared lets you create custom manage fields to capture lead details.
  • Manage lead sources. Get to know from where the lead has been originated.
  • Manage lead stages. LeadSquared’s automatic lead scoring system and lead engagement mechanism defines the stage of the lead (prospect, opportunity, or customer) in the system.
  • Gain valuable insights from Dashboard or Lead source report

For more information on how to add leads into LeadSquared, see How to add leads manually in LeadSquared? and How can I import leads to LeadSquared?.