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Lead Distribution Automation in LeadSquared

Lead Distribution App automatically assigns leads to users in your LeadSquared account based on pre-defined rules. Example: You may want to distribute leads based on its location, interest, industry type and so on.

Note: If you’re new to the lead distribution feature we highly recommend you first understand the best way to distribute leads to your users.

With the Lead Distribution App, you can build a series of rules and assign leads to one specific user or to a user among group of users in a round-robin manner.

When a new lead is created in your account, the lead distribution engine executes each rule, one by one, till the conditions defined in your rule matches the new lead. Once a rule’s conditions match the lead, no more rules are executed.

When no rule matches the incoming lead, then the default rule is executed. Default rule can just say “do nothing”, which means the lead owner remains what it is when it is created. You can create as many rules as you want.

This article explains on how to add and configure the Lead Distribution Automation App. If your App is already configured and you want to know how to use it, refer to Creating Lead Distribution Rules.

You can also directly setup lead distribution while creating automations. Refer to Actions in LeadSquared Automation and see the Distribute Lead section to see how.

Adding and Configuring Lead Distribution App


  1. You should be Administrator user to access the App settings.
  2. Lead Distribution App is a licensed feature. It may not be available under your plan. Please contact support@leadsquared.com if you are unable to find it.


To setup Lead Distribution App, navigate to: Apps > Apps Marketplace > choose Lead Distribution Automation app and click on Install button.

Ld screen shot

To configure Lead Distribution app, click the Show Installed apps Tab and hover the mouse over Settings button and click on Configure.

LD config

You will see a pop-up like below. It will contain a Webhook URL that you need to copy.

webhook url

Now, navigate to My Account -> Settings -> API and Webhooks > click on Webhooks  and click Add Webhook.


Configure the Webhook as shown below.  Paste the Webhook URL which was copied from ‘Configure Connector‘ popup window.

Enter Webhook Details

Click Verify after configuring webhook. Correct if any errors are shown.  When it shows Success, you can click Save.

Save Webhook

Once the webhook is added, it appears as shown in the image below:

Webhook Added

This completes the set up of Lead Distribution App. After the successful setting up, you can see a new feature called Lead Distribution under Apps in the default dashboard.

Click on it to start using it. Refer to Creating Lead Distribution Rules for guidance on using the app.