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Lead Quality Criteria – Setup

Measure Lead Quality using custom quality rules

Lead Quality helps you identify the leads that are close to your ‘Ideal Customer Profile‘.

Every business associates certain attributes of leads to its quality or grade and this association helps in filtering the leads that meet the ideal customer profile.

For example for a B2B  legal services company, a lead with  job title is “General Counsel”  and Company Size > 100 million revenue may signal high quality leads; while for a B2C fitness company, leads with age between 25 & 45  and profession as ‘white collar’ job may signal high quality leads.

LeadSquared’s Lead Quality Criteria helps in creating such rules to identify high quality leads.

Leads are evaluated against these rules and assigned a score between 0 and 10. This score can be used to filter leads that are best suited for carrying out sales or out-reach activities.


Users with Admin or Marketing user roles can set up the criteria to identify the quality of leads.


Lead Quality rule works on collection of lead attributes or lead fields.  

Example: For a Yoga Training institute, lead quality depends on theattributes of the lead: Location, course type and age.

The business can assign weightage to these as follows:

  • City: 50% weightage
  • Course:  30% weightage
  •  Age:  20% weightage

Now the business can say that,

  • If City is ‘New York’ then its a perfect match. So the lead quality score score contribution of City field is 10 out of 10 if it is ‘New York’. For other cities,  say score will be 5.
  • If Course is ‘Power Yoga’ then its a perfect match. So the lead quality score score contribution of Product field is 10 out of 10 if it is ‘Power Yoga’. For other course types, its 6.
  • If Age is between 20 and 45 then its 10 out of 10. If age > 45 then its 8 and if age <20 then its 6.

The lead quality score in this case should consider all the lead fields (attributes) their respective weights and specific rules around values of each attribute.  The Lead Quality Score feature of LeadSquared precisely does that.

  • Click Create, select the lead fields (or attributed) on which you want to judge lead quality. Assign weightage to each attribute. You can choose to assign equal weight (default behavior) to each attribute.

Choose Lead Attributes

  • Define the value rules for each attribute:

Expand Lead Attribute - City

Expand Lead Attribute - Product

Expand Lead Attribute - Age

Save and publish when you are done.  

Published LQI

 LeadSquared calculates the quality score of each and updates the lead records.

Note: It may take few minutes (depending on # of leads in your account and # of rules in quality score criteria) when the quality score is being computed for the first time. 

Once the quality scores are available, you can view it in Lead Details of the lead. See the below image for reference.

LQ - Lead Details

 You can also view the quality score in the lead grid of the Manage Leads page:

LQ - manage leads