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How to export or backup your existing Leads/Lead Details?

You can backup the leads in your LeadSquared system by exporting them. The Exported Leads is sent to your LeadSquared Email in CSV Format.  To do this:

  • From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Leads -> Manage Leads. The Managed Leads window appears.

  • Select Export Leads under Bulk Actions. The Export Leads pop-up box appears.

Note: This exports all the leads in the Managed Leads grid into a CSV file. If you want to selectively export leads, refer to the section How to Export a Selected Set of Leads from your LeadSquared System? in the latter part of this help article.


The Export Leads pop-up box has two options. They are:

  • Export all fields – Allows you to export all the lead fields in a lead to a CSV file.
  • Export selected fields – Allows you to select the lead fields you want to export to a CSV file. Select Export selected fields and then Choose Fields and the  pop-up expands to display the all the fields as shown in the below image. Here you can select the required lead fields to export.

  • Select the required export option and click Export. The below message box appears.

You can view the the status of the export request. To do so, click the link as highlighted in the image above or go to My Account -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Organization Settings -> Request History

Note: You can export up to 100,000 leads using the Export option. If you want to export more leads than this, please send a request to support@leadsquared.com

On successful completion of the export, the CSV file is sent to your registered Email address in ZIP format.


How to Export a Selected Set of Leads from your LeadSquared System?

If you want to export a selected set of leads easily, create a static list, add the required leads to this list and then export using the Actions feature.


For more information on List Actions, refer to List Actions.

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