LeadSquared Reports

1. Feature Overview

You can use the LeadSquared Reports feature to analyze your marketing and sales business processes. It helps you track and manage the activities performed by the lead and your users, across all LeadSquared features. The reports available to you will depend on your user role and the permissions enabled by your Administrator.


2. Reports

To view all your LeadSquared Reports, follow these steps –

  1. Navigate to Reports>Reports Home.
  2. Click All Reports.
  3. Scroll through the list to find your report, or use the search bar.

Navigate to LeadSquared Reports

2.1 Pinned Reports

You can pin reports by clicking the LeadSqaured Pin report iconicon. Pinned reports will appear in the Pinned Reports section.

Leadsquared pinned reports

2.2 Report Tags

Additionally, you can organize and find your Reports through Tags. Reports can be tagged and re-tagged by Administrators –

  1. Click on the leadsquared reports 3 dot icon icon.
  2. Select Edit Tag(s).
  3. Select your tag(s).
  4. Click Save.

Leadsquared report tags


3. Save Reports and Schedule Delivery

You can save or bookmark a report and schedule its delivery at a later time –

  1. Navigate to Reports>Reports Home and select the required report.
  2. On the top right side of your window, click LeadSquared - Bookmark report.
  3. Enter the name of the bookmark and click Save.
  4. To view your saved reports, click .
  5. To schedule your report’s delivery, click .
  6. Enter the relevant details and click Create Schedule.

Save and schedule leadsquared reports


4. SIERA Reporting

LeadSquared SIERA is a new-gen reporting module that empowers users to generate custom reports and dashboards. If SIERA is enabled in your account, the listing page will comprise two sections: Reports and Dashboards. Additionally, you will have access to the Create Report and Create Dashboard modules within their respective sections. Reports created using SIERA will have a SIERA tag on the report card.


Moreover, the Report Builder in SIERA features the Expression Builder module, enabling users to create custom formulas for building reports.

expression builder nav

Note: This is a paid feature, to enable it contact support@leadsquared.com. Read the following articles for more details on SIERA Report Builder –


5. Report Management

LeadSquared’s Report Management is aimed to help admins configure appropriate reports for their users. Each team/group/individual has their respective requirements, goals, and KPIs to track.

report management hierarchy

With LeadSquared Report Profiles you can manage report and dashboard access for your users. Using Profiles, you will be able to design the report listing page for all your users. While some reports may be common and may be available to all users, certain reports can be configured to be accessed by a select few. 

Report Management my space 1


Any Questions?

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9 months ago

How can i schedule a report to another email id on Leadsquared Application?

Zaid Assadi
Reply to  Varun
9 months ago

Hi, Varun. At present, this isn’t possible.

elakkiya S
elakkiya S
1 year ago

How to create one custom report. Not dashboard

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  elakkiya S
1 year ago

Hi, Elakkiya. You can embed your custom report in a LeadSquared Dashboard. Alternatively, you can use LeadSquared’s new-age reporting tool SIERA to build custom reports.