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Account Details

The Account Details page is where you’ll find all information related to a specific account. You can perform actions on the account, see all associated leads, create tasks, add activities and lots more…

If you’re new to the accounts feature, these articles will help –


Account Vcard

The account Vcard shows you the account stage and contact information. To edit the Vcard hover your cursor over it and clicking the editpencil iconicon.

edit vcard

change vcard

Note: If you’re using a telephony connector and have click2call enabled, you can just click the phone number on the Vcard to initiate a phone call.


Account Actions

You can perform the following actions on an account –

  • Change Owner
  • Change Stage
  • Edit
  • Delete

Hover your cursor over the <Account Name> Actions menu, then choose the action.

Actions on an account

You can also navigate to the <Account Name> Details tab and edit the account details from there.

edit account info


Lead Actions

To perform actions on leads, hover your cursor over the settingsSettings iconwheel alongside a lead and choose an action.

actions on leads in account

To add a new lead to the account, add an existing lead, post an activity on a lead or create a task, just click the corresponding quick add buttons.

account details action buttons

If you want to perform bulk actions on all leads in an account, click the View & Manage All Leads link. This will direct you to the Manage Leads page where the account filters will be set to the current account by default. You can select leads in bulk, then choose an action.

bulk updates from account details


Any Questions?

If you have any questions related to this article or the accounts feature in general, don’t hesitate to type them in to the comments section below. We’re here to help!