Automation Conditions – If Email Open/Click

1. Feature Overview

On emails sent to your leads and opportunities using the Send Email action, the If Email Open/Click condition lets you set up Yes/No criteria based on the lead/opportunity’s engagement with the email.


2. Example Use Cases

  • If the lead opens the email, then distribute the lead to your users.
  • If the lead clicks on a link within the email, then add the lead to a list, or send them an offer.
  • If the lead opens the email, notify the opportunity owner (user) by SMS/WhatsApp.


3. Set up If Email Open/Click

First, on any lead/opportunity trigger, add the Send Email action.

LeadSquared Automations

Then, click Add process. Under Conditions, click If Email Open/Click.

LeadSquared Automations

On the If Email Open/Click pop-up, set the conditions based on email open and/or link click. To add more than one condition, click Add another condition. Once you’re done, click Save.

LeadSquared Automations

Then, add different outcomes if the email is opened/if the email link is clicked. Once you’re done, Save and Publish the automation.

Note: When setting up this automation, we recommend adding a Wait condition of six hours or so. This ensures the lead has sufficient time to engage with the email.

LeadSquared Automations


Any Questions?

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Resham Kapoor
Resham Kapoor
1 year ago

How many is the card limit for automation? I mean how many total cards in 1 automation can be used?

Vir Singh
Reply to  Resham Kapoor
1 year ago

Hi Resham,
The card limit per automation is 50. You can use sub-automations to work around this limit. For more information on limits, see Access Limits of LeadSquared Features. Hope this helps!