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[17-Jan-20] Super Admins, User Hierarchies and New Security Settings

We’ve introduced a new super admin user role, a UI to view user hierarchies, allowed admins to mandate two-factor authentication at the account level and released a password encryption security measure.


Super Admins

We now support a Super Administrator user role that can control permissions given to LeadSquared admins. It allows you to restrict admins from viewing or exporting leads, switching between LeadSquared accounts, viewing reports and dashboards, and lots more. At the same time, you can still allow admins to set up essential features and configurations.

Set as Super Admin - Manage Users

To learn more, see LeadSquared Super Admin Users.


User Hierarchies (Beta)

You can now view the hierarchy of your all your LeadSquared users. We’ve only released the Beta version thus far, so expect some changes to the current UI.

User Hierarchy

For details, see Manage Users.


Account Level Two-Factor Authentication

We introduced a new setting that allows admins to make two-factor authentication mandatory for all users of an account. So you can now enable two-factor authentication at the account or individual level based on your requirements.

Two factor Authentication on Login

For more details, see LeadSquared Security Settings – Two-Factor Authentication.


Password Encryption

This new setting lets admins encrypt passwords sent from the browser to the server. When this feature is enabled, users won’t be able to ‘Remember Password’ and the password won’t be stored anywhere in the browser cache.

Login Settings Two Factor Authentication

To learn more, see LeadSquared Security Settings – Login Settings.