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Manage Users

Manage Users functionality allows you to Create New Users, Update existing users, Transfer Ownership, Deactivate users and reset/set password for the users.

You can also tag users to associate them to a business unit or location etc., this helps in easy search of users for accounts with large number of users.


  • You must be logged in to your LeadSquared account.
  • You must be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared Account.


Navigate to My Account > Settings > Users and Permissions > Users.

Create User:

To create a new User, click on Create button on Users page.

Create User popup opens and you will find 4 tabs namely Details, User Tags, Permissions & Report Subscriptions.

Tab 1. Details:

Here provide the details of the User specifically First Name, Last Name and Email id.

You may associate a phone number (Optional).

Tab 2. User Tags:

Here you may tag the user with Location or Business Unit the user belongs to.

Tagging users will be helpful in searching the users from the list of users in the account.

user tags

Tab 3. Permissions:

Click on Permissions tab and select and specify the user role in LeadSquared.

LeadSquared application  has 4 different user roles with different access rights.

By default value selected in Role is Marketing User.

For detailed information on Permissions for different user roles and their access rights, please refer User Roles and Access Rights.

user role

Tab 4. Report Subscriptions:

Click the Report Subscriptions tab to manage reports that the user can view on a daily basis.

Select the reports needed based on your requirement.

Report Subscriptions


Edit or Update existing user

To edit a user, click Edit in Actions (gear icon) next to each user.

You will be able to update all fields of a user.

You can change the user Role, add or edit tags and manage email subscriptions for reports that should be delivered to the user, in the Report Subscription tab.

You can set the password for other users. For more information on this, refer to How can an Administrator user set password for other users?

Also the email address associated with the User can be changed. Click here to know the procedure.

Edit Users

Transfer Ownership rights

When a user leaves your organization, you will need to assign all Leads, Tasks, Campaigns, Landing Pages etc., owned by that user to a different user.

Transfer Ownership is the way to do it.

Click on Transfer Ownership option under Actions (gear) Icon for a User in the Manage Users page.

Tr ownership

On Transfer Ownership popup, Select the User to whom you want to transfer the ownership and click Assign.

TR Ownership popup

Deactivate User

LeadSquared does not allow deleting a user since your marketing history may be associated with users. Instead, it allows deactivation.

Once you deactivate a user, logging in to LeadSquared will not be possible.

Click on Deactivate option in actions on a user record in the manage users page to deactivate.

Deactivated user are now shown on the users page. To see them select the filter as Active: False.

You can Activate the Inactive Users by clicking the Activate option in row actions.

Deactivate User

Reset Password

An Admin can initiate the password reset process of any user including the passwords for other Admins.

To reset the password, click Reset Password option.

Password reset link will be delivered to the user’s email address.

Reset Password

Actions on Multiple Users:

Tag Multiple Users:

You may now Tag All Users or Multi-Select a few users at once.

  1. Select the required Users by clicking the check boxes next to the Users.
  2. Hover the cursor over the Actions drop-down button (seen next to Create button) and
  3. click Add Tags.

Multi User tags

You will see Tag Multiple Users popup where you may Add Tags and attribute Tag values as required.

Add tags to many

Once the tag names and corresponding tag values are specified, click Add Tags to complete tagging.

For any queries, please feel free to reach us at support@leadsquared.com.