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[2-Dec-19] LeadSquared Mobile Updates (v7.6 & v7.7) for iOS

Here are the latest updates on the LeadSquared iOS app –


iOS (v7.7)

Location Tracking and Check-in

The location tracking and check-in features are now independent.

Location tracking can be enabled the same way as before, from the web platform (My Profile>Settings>Mobile App>Permissions)

location tracking for the mobile app

All mobile users will now have the check-in option available in the mobile side menu


Account Details

Account details can now be viewed from the lead details screen.

account details iOS update

If set from the web (see Manage Accounts), the primary contact will be visible with email, message and call actions. In addition,

  • The account address can be edited.
  • Clicking on Directions will open google maps with the account address.
  • Account properties can be edited

account enhancements ios

The Account Details screen is also editable –

enter account details

The Leads tab shows you the list of leads mapped to the account. New leads can also be added from here –

Leads in account iOS


iOS (v7.6)

Smart Views

Lead Smart View tabs can now be filtered with custom fields configured from the web settings

Customization>Views>Smart Views, Create/Edit a Smart View>Lead type tab>Manage Filters>Check Enable filter options for Mobile

smart views filter mobile

Filters can then be applied from the app –

ios smart views filter



  • Support for ‘Set Options’ rule through Lapps and API.
  • Support for mailmerge lead and activity fields in iframes through rules.

For more details, see Forms and Processes on Mobile.