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[21-May-19] Accounts Feature Enhancements

We’ve made some key improvements to the accounts feature. Here’s what’s new –

1. Account tabs in Smart Views for Admins
In the previous release, we made account tabs available in Smart Views. Now admins can also create account tabs in Smart Views and distribute them among users. See Smart Views for Admins for more information.

2. New “Last Activity On” Column for Accounts
A “Last Activity On” column has been introduced to the grid on the Manage Accounts page. It’s also available in quick and advanced searches.

To view the column on the grid,

  1. Click the column customization select column icon icon.
  2. Select the Last Activity On column.

display columns

last activity on

3. Advanced Search Supports Account Activities
Now filter your accounts by account activities (Manage Accounts page). For example, find all accounts where contracts have been signed.

advanced search in account activities

4. Account Access
Account access to users is now straightforward and easy to understand. Group managers can view/modify all accounts and leads owned by the users in their sales groups. For more details on how to set this up, see Managing Lead and Account Access Through Sales Groups.