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[5-Jul-19] New Releases and Enhancements Across LeadSquared

Here’s what’s new across the LeadSquared platform –

Multi-Factor Authentication Enhancements

In addition to previously released Multi-Factor Authentication features, you can now use apps like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc. on your Android/iOS device to login to LeadSquared.

google auth 2fa

For information on how to set it up, see LeadSquared Security Settings – Two Factor Authentication.



Automations will now trigger when bulk activities are posted as well as on activity import.
We’ve also released two new triggers –

  • New Activity on an Account
  • Account Activity Update

For detailed documentation, see Account Automation Triggers.

In addition, we’ve enhanced the Compare card with new date-time functions. These will help you compare a lead or activity date field with the ‘Current Date-Time’ and take action accordingly.

compare card date and time values


Smart Views

There’s a new option to help you add/remove the Sales Groups filter from lead-based Smart Views tabs. It’s available in the Manage Filters pop-up on any lead tab –

Sales Group Filter in Smart Views

Admins setting up Smart Views can now control if mobile users can show/hide filters on a particular smart vies tab. The option is available on the Manage Filters pop-up –

Smart Views Mobile Filter


Advanced Search

Advanced Search for ESS

ESS tenants can use advanced search to –

  • Find leads belonging to one or more groups (multi-select)
  • Find leads who do not belong to certain groups (Groups Is Not)
  • Find leads which belong to all active users
  • Find leads which belong to all inactive users (useful to find leads which are assigned to users who have left the organization, so they can be re-assigned)


Lead Details – Documents Tab

Attachments can now be deleted from the Documents tab on the Lead Details page.

Delete from documents tab



Sales users who are not part of any sales group will only be able to see –

  1. accounts they own
  2. other accounts in which they own at least one lead


Other Enhancements

  1. SMS sent to dynamic lists will now be posted as activities.
  2. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) accounts can now be synced/refreshed manually under My Profile on the main menu –

UAT account sync