New Zoom Connector and Custom User Actions Connector

We’ve released a new connector to enable scheduling Zoom calls right from LeadSquared. Also, we’ve built a custom user actions connector where you can configure new actions on your users.


1. Zoom Connector

The LeadSquared Zoom Connector helps you integrate your Zoom account with LeadSquared. Once integrated, you’ll be able to –

  • Make Zoom calls directly from your LeadSquared account.
  • Access call recordings, which are posted to leads as activities.
  • Manage your Zoom meetings through LeadSquared tasks.

For more details, see Zoom Meeting Connector.

zoom connector


2. Custom User Actions Connectors

The LeadSquared Custom User and List Action connector allows you to create and enable Custom Actions (apart from the default actions enabled by LeadSquared) on a user or group of users. It allows you to extend LeadSquared’s featured actions to support a variety of use-cases, such as –

  • Fetch user data from or push user data to other applications
  • Send SMS to users
  • Add an action to send a custom notification to a user, etc.

For more details, see Custom User Actions Connector.

custom user actions connector