LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v12.6)

The latest updates for our app, which is available on the Google PlayStore.


Opportunity Card Customization

You can now customize the Opportunity Card to only show specific opportunity and lead fields (e.g., Opportunity Name, Expected Deal Size, Lead’s Phone Number, etc.) to your users. For details, please refer to Opportunity Card Customization.

LeadSquared Opportunity Card


Two Factor Authentication

We’ve now enabled Two Factor Authentication on the mobile app. Using this feature, you can add an additional layer of security every time your users log in to the app. Two factor authentication can be enabled at the user level by each individual user, or at the account level by the admin user. To learn more, see LeadSquared Security Settings – Two Factor Authentication.

LeadSquared Mobile App updates


Nudges Connector

You can now add and display images inside your custom nudge templates. For details, please refer to Nudges Connector.

LeadSquared Mobile App updates


Microsoft Azure

We now support Microsoft Azure integration for Single Sign-On (SSO) through the mobile app. To know more, please refer to Integrating Azure AD with LeadSquared.

Integrate LeadSquared with Microsoft Azure