LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v18.2)

Custom Filters in Activity Smart Views

Users can now create custom filters in Activity Smart Views. To enable the filter, refer to Smart Views for Administrators.

LeadSquared - Activity Smart View filters


Bulk Add Activity on Opportunities

Users can now select multiple opportunities while adding an activity. This feature allows users to record the results of meetings on multiple opportunities simultaneously.

LeadSquared - Bulk add activity on opportunities


Activity Geofencing

Admins can restrict users from posting activities on opportunities when they aren’t at the lead’s location. To know more, refer to LeadSquared’s Geofencing.

LeadSquared - Activity geofencing notification


Smart Views Counter Widget in CASA

Admins can now add a Smart Views Counter widget in the users’ customised homepage. With this widget, users can get an overview of the data count present in the smart views (for example, open opportunities for the day, new leads assigned for the day, etc.), which may include accounts, leads, opportunities, activities, and tasks.

LeadSquared - Smart views widget


Save Previous Tab Data in Forms

Previously, users could only save the data in the current tab of their forms. Now, you can enable the Save Previous Tab Data setting to save the data from previously submitted tabs. With this setting, even if you switch to another tab while the data is still being added in the field, you can still update the information when you submit the other tabs.

LeadSquared - Save previous tab data setting


Allow Only Current Location in Lead’s Address Field

Under Mobile App>Additional Settings, admins can now restrict the users to only add their current location in the lead’s ‘Address 1’ field. Previously, this restriction was applicable only during data creation, but now it also extends to forms in edit mode.

LeadSquared - Allow only current location setting