Platform Updates – Ytterbium 1

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Only Email and Google Authenticator are supported by default for all new customers using Two-factor Authentication. If you want to enable SMS authentication instead, follow the instructions in this article.


Enable Both Account and Opportunity Management

You can now enable both Account Management and Opportunity Management on the same account. To enable them, contact your account manager or reach out to us at


Sales Activities Enabled by Default

Sales Activities are now enabled by default in all accounts.


Opportunities Tab in Account Details

If you have enabled both Account and Opportunity management in your LeadSquared account, on the Account Details page, you will be able to view the opportunities associated with that account in the newly introduced Opportunities tab. However, if you do not have access to a lead associated with that account, you will not be able to see the opportunities associated with that lead.

LeadSquared - Opportunities tab in Account Details


Avoid Blank Owners for Opportunities

Previously, if no opportunity owner was passed in the Capture Opportunity API, the opportunity was created with a blank owner. Now, the opportunity capture V2 API will take the user ID of the user whose auth-token is used for the API call and consider them as the opportunity’s owner. To enable this setting, contact your account manager or reach out to us at


Add Notes in Account Details

You can now add notes (textual content as well as files) to an account on the Account Details page. These notes can be accessed by account owners and lead owners whose leads are associated with that account.

LeadSquared - Notes in account details


Support for Masking Fields in Automation Reports

The following fields that are masked via the Permission Templates are masked in the Automation Reports as well. The values will be masked from all the action cards and from the post data in the trigger, Call Lapp, and Webhook cards.

Opportunity fields –

masking opp field

Activity fields –

masking activity


Support for Hidden Activity and Opportunity Fields in Automation

When creating an Activity or Opportunity Type, certain fields are hidden – 


These hidden fields will now be available for configuration in the following action cards – 

Hidden FieldSupported Action Card
Activity FieldAdd Activity
Update Activity
Add Activity on Activity
Update Activity on Activity
Add Activity on Opportunity
Update Activity on Opportunity
Opportunity FieldAdd Opportunity
Update Opportunity


Enhancements in Automation Send Email Card

The Automation Send Email Card will now support Include attachments in template check-box on the Save as Template pop-up box. 

If you want to save an email as a template that includes a file/document as an attachment, then you can check the Include attachments in template checkbox. These attachements are saved to the Images and Document Library.

save template

When the attached files are deleted from the Images and Documents Library, you will receive the following warnings – 

save as template

save as template 2


Automation Report Restrictions

Users will not be able to click on the View Leads, View Opportunities, View Activities, or View Users links in the Automation Report if the selected date in the date range filter is older than 90 days. 

However, you can export the list of leads that entered an automation card to avoid losing this data. To know more, you can read this article.

report not avaliable


Converse in Mobile App

You can now enable Converse in the LeadSquared Mobile App. To know more, refer to Configure Mobile App Settings from the Web Platform.


Telephony APIs Default Request Type

The default request content-type for Telephony APIs is now application/json. The existing application/x-www-form-urlencoded content-type continues to be supported but is not recommended.