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Product Update – 31 August 2013

Happy Marketing!  We just refreshed LeadSquared with improvements and new features. Here is a snapshot of New & Noteworthy for your reference:

Super Receptionist Connector

If you are using the Super Receptionist cloud telephony services, you can now integrate the same with LeadSquared. By doing so the phone calls that you get automatically get added as Leads and Activities in your LeadSquared account. You will also be able to listen to the phone conversation recordings. Here’s how you can integrate it with LeadSquared:

  1. Add the connector to your LeadSquared account. Contact sales@leadsquared.com for pricing information.
  2. Setup LeadSquared connector in Super Receptionist.
  3. Edit user information in LeadSquared to add their respective phone numbers for matching.
  4. Make some test calls to see it all working!
  5. For more information, see How to use the Super Receptionist Connector?

Landing Page Editor Improvements

1. Conversion Button Color: You can choose colors for the conversion button in the landing page editor. Previously you could select the color of the conversion buttons using the Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Puffiness sliders. But now you can simple choose the colors in the color mixer box. Click on the Conversion Button block in the editor. In the properties section, click on Background. Select Type, and simple choose the desired color.

Button Properties

2. Box Shadow for all Blocks: You can add a Box Shadow to the blocks in the landing page editor. This will enable you to highlight a block which you feel may be important. Click on the block on which you wish to provide the box shadow, Next, in the properties section, click on Box shadow. Use the sliders to give the shadow effect.

Box Shadow

3. Lot of improvements on the Form Block: We have added a lot of features on the Form Block to customize it according to your look/feel needs:

(i) You can now change the Form Label properties by double clicking inside the form field. You will see the Label Properties box in the right side. Here you can make changes to the Font, Font Size (by using sliders), Font Weight and color (using the color mixer box).

Label Properties

(ii) You can add a CAPTCHA option to the form by just clicking on the Add Captcha button on the form designer.

Add Captcha

(iii) You can view the Lead Field properties by clicking on the form field. You can customize the name, display name, value and so on.

Lead Field Properties

(iv) You can now customize the call to action  Form Button in a very simple way. Click on the button and you can view the Button Properties section in the properties panel. You can customize the Font, Size, Weight, Text and Button Color.

Form Button

(v) You can also customize the field box properties. Click on the lead field. In the properties panel, click on Field Properties. You can change the height of the field box, radius, border color and width.

Field properties

Integrate Landing Page with your Apps and Website better

We have enabled sending the form data to the “redirect URL”.  We support both POST & GET based on what is required.  So you can use this feature to integrate with your automated user sign-ups, your own apps which require visitor data or even integrate with payment processing gateways like Paypal.

You can view this feature in Step 3 of the landing page wizard. Click on Is redirected to a URL button. Enter the relevant URL in the space provided. Select the Also Include Form Data check box. You can use either the GET or POST request-response. Click here for more information on GET and POST methods.


New Lead Fields – Time and Date-Time

1. Date Time: Previously you could capture only the Date using the Date selection box. Now you can capture the Date in the Date Time format. For instance 29/08/2013 10:00:00. An ideal use case would be to fix an appointment date and time, or last contacted date and time and so on. You must create a new custom field and after creating one you could use it, say, when you are adding a new lead, or you could add the field in a landing page form.

Date time

2. Time: You can also create a new field with Time as an input data. A typical use case may be Appointment Time. You can use it in landing page form and while adding a new lead.


Enhanced API Security – Access Keys

We are moving to API access keys instead of authentication by AuthToken.  We will send separate email about the impact on APIs, but this change is to enhance the security of APIs. APIs will be able to access LeadSquared data only through these keys, and you can enable/disable or create new keys based on your security requirements.  This change was also required to bring in Connector framework, which allowed us to roll-out SuperReceptionist connector. You will see several connectors coming in at a rapid pace.

To get your API access keys, go to Dashboard > My Account > Settings > My Profile. Click on API Access Keys. In access keys’ page click on Generate Key. You will be able to view the access key. Next, click on Show Secret Key and you will be able to see the Access ID and secret Key in the window.

Access Key

Secret Key

Blocked Domains for Emails

Now you can block domains from receiving emails. Previously you could find only a list of blocked emails. Sometimes there can be different email addresses with the same domain, so it’s better to block the entire domain.

Go to My Account > Settings > Blocked Emails and Domains. Click on Blocked Domains to see the list of  blocked domains.

Blocked Domains

To add a domain to the list, click on Block Domain. Enter the Domain Name and the relevant Notes for the same. Click on Save.

Add Blocked Domain

We look forward to hearing from you. Please share your feedback & comments with us on support at leadsquared /com