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RingCentral Texting Connector

1. Feature Overview

The RingCentral texting connector lets you send texts to leads directly from your LeadSquared account. In addition, you’ll be able to –

  • Set up automated SMS campaigns with notifications and reminders.
  • Track incoming and outgoing SMS logs as activities.
  • Eliminate the need to switch between multiple applications and your SMS activities in one place.

For RingCentral call integration, see RingCentral Telephony Connector.


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be an administrator user of your Leadsquared account.
  • Your account plan must support SMS integration.
  • You must have an active account with RingCentral.


3. Installation

  1. On the main menu, navigate to Apps>Apps Marketplace and search for “RingCentral Texting”.*
  2. Click Install.
  3. Once installed, hover your cursor over the settings settings wheel, then click Configure.

* You can also find it under the SMS category on the left pane.

RingCentral Texting Connector Installation


4. Configuration

First, complete the Set Up step by clicking Sign In with RingCentral.

Ring central texting app set up

Enter your RingCentral account credentials.

Signin with ringcentral

Click Authorize to give LeadSquared access to the necessary permissions.

Ringcentral texting app permissions

You’ll see the connected icon icon once you’ve successfully connected to your RingCentral account. Click Next.

ring central authentication

Fill in the required fields (see table below), then click Save.

Ringcentral Texting Configuration

SMS Opt-Out FieldBy default, the ‘Do Not SMS’ field will be considered. If this field is not available in your account, you can select a field (of boolean type) from the list. Leads for which the value of the opt-out field is set to ‘True’ will not receive any SMS.
Virtual NumberSelect the number that will be primarily used to send SMS, for example, the company’s main phone number. Ensure that the number is –
  • SMS enabled from your RingCentral account
  • Assigned to the user configuring the connector


5. Configure SMS Templates

Once the app is installed, you can configure SMS templates –

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Apps>RC-SMS Templates.
  2. Click Create Template.
  3. Enter the template details, then click Save.

RingCentral Configure SMS Templates


6. Send SMS

You can now send SMS to your leads from multiple areas within the application. When you initiate the send text action, you’ll see the following pop-up.

Note: You can only send 1 to 1 SMS to your leads. The bulk SMS feature isn’t available with this integration.

Send Text pop-up Ringcentral

1Sending Message toYou can send messages to multiple numbers saved under the lead.

Send Message To Send Text popup

2FromYou can send the message from the main virtual number configured in the connector, or from other numbers saved under the agent. To add more numbers to an agent, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Users and Permissions and edit the user’s mobile number details.

Send Text pop-up From field description

Note: If you want to send the message from any agent number other than the main number, you’ll be prompted to sign-in to the RingCentral account associated with that number. This is a one-time activity.

Sing in to RingCentral for agent numbers

3Message BodyYou can type your own custom message in the body and make of templates (reference 4) and mail merge fields (reference 5).
4TemplatesSee section 5 above to configure SMS templates.
5ParameterLets you select lead and user parameters.


6.1 Manage Leads

On the Manage Leads page (from the main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Leads) –

  1. Under Actions, click the settingsSettings iconicon.
  2. Hover your cursor over Messaging, then click Send Text.

Send SMS from Manage Leads


6.2 Lead Details

On the Lead Details page –

  1. Hover your cursor over Lead Actions.
  2. Under Messaging, click Send Text.

Send SMS Lead Details


6.3 Automation

You can also send SMS to leads through automation.

  1. Navigate to Workflow>Automation.
  2. Create a new automation or edit an existing one.
  3. After selecting the type of automation and the trigger, click the add expand icon, click Messaging, then click Send Text.

For more information, see How to Send SMS through Automation.

send SMS through Automation


7. SMS Activities

You can track your sent and received SMS from the Lead Details or Manage Activities pages. We automatically post either SMS Sent or SMS Received activities in real-time.


7.1 Lead Details

You can also click on the SMS Sent link to view more details.

SMS Sent activity


7.2 Manage Activities

You can also view the list of leads with SMS activities. Be sure to select either SMS Sent or SMS Received activities from the Activity Type drop.

Manage Activities SMS activities


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