Schedule Automations At Regular Intervals

1. Feature Overview

Schedule your automations to be triggered at regular intervals. You can set up an automation to run every morning and distribute leads based on user availability. You can trigger automations for leads, users, opportunities and non-entities like Lapps. To know more about creating automations, refer to Automation – Feature Guide.


2. Prerequisite

You must be the Administrator of your LeadSquared account.


3. Schedule Automations At Regular Intervals

  1. Navigate to Workflow>Automation and click Create Automation.
  2. Select a blank template and then select At Regular Intervals.
  3. On the Automation starts at regular intervals pop-up window, enter the following data –
    • Triggers for: Select the entity you want to trigger the automation for – Leads, Users, Opportunities or No Entities.
    • Schedule: Select how you want to schedule the automation – hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.  You can then select how often you want the automation to be triggered. For example, you can schedule it to be triggered every 2 days at 11 am.
    • Inclusion criteria: Click Add Conditions to select the criteria required to include the relevant entities. The criteria will differ based on the entity you’ve selected. The gif below uses the example of  triggering an automation for all leads in India.
    • Notify on failure: Select the user you wish to notify if the automation does not get triggered.

Click Save and build your automation.


  • There is an entity limit for the inclusion criteria you set. If you’ve selected the automation to be triggered for Leads, the number of leads that satisfy the inclusion criteria must be within the limit. If not, the automation will not get triggered. Be default the limits are: Hourly- 2500, Daily – 25000, Weekly – 25000, Monthly – 25000. To change this limit, contact your account manager or reach out to
  • If there no leads that satisfy the inclusion criteria, the automation will not get triggered.
  • Only the Triggers for and Schedule field will be available for non entities.

LeadSquared - Schedule Automations At Regular Intervals


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1 year ago

Will this tigger for opportunity as well ?