Why Is the Agent Pop-up Not Showing/Visible for Phone Calls?

If the Agent pop-up is not showing up when receiving calls, there are a few settings you may need to check –

1. Verify if the agent popup is enabled on the connector configuration page.
This will vary depending on the telephony provider (CallTrackingMetrics, Ozonetel, RingCentral, Super Receptionist, etc.) configured in your account. Ensure that the Agent Pop-up API is correctly configured and the pop-up is enabled. The following example is for the Ozonetel telephony connector.

agent pop up configuration

2. Check in the user’s profile that the “Show Phone Call Popup” setting is enabled. After enabling it, log out and log back into your account.
Navigate to My Profile>Manage Users and edit the user’s profile. On the Edit User pop-up, navigate to the Other Details tab and click Edit. Enable the Show Phone Call Popup Checkbox setting.

Enable Show Phone Call Popup

3. Check if the agent phone numbers are added.
Check to see if the agent phone numbers are added correctly in the user profile. Ensure the phone number is entered in the correct format +CC-PhoneNo.

troubleshooting agent popup

4. Check the browser console to see if the call is established.
Check the Browser Console>Network tab>check websocket(WS) to see if the call is established and the phone number in the call is the same as the number added in “Agent Phone Numbers” in the user profile.

agent popup console log

If you’re still facing issues, contact your account manager or write to us at support@leadsquared.com.

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