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Account Automation Actions

If you’ve used the New Account or Update Account triggers (see How to Create an Account Automation) in your automation, the following actions are available to you –

  • Notify Account Owner
  • Update Account

Note: If you’re new to the automation feature, visit Automation Home.

account automation

Use cases for these actions include –

  • Notifying an account owner when a new account is added.
  • Notifying an account owner to take action when the account stage changes from say ‘Prospect’ to ‘Opportunity’.
  • Updating an account field when a new account is added.
  • Updating an account field when a related account field gets updated. For example, you could update the account owner when the account stage changes.


Notify Account Owner

This action lets you send a notification email to the account owner.

notifying account owner

By default, the notification is directed to the account owner. You can add more LeadSquared users to the ‘To‘ field. You can also direct the notification to other users in the ‘Cc‘ or ‘Bcc‘ fields.
You can also mail merge lead fields, owner fields and sender fields into your email content using the mail merge option highlighted below.

mail merge


Update Account

This action lets you update an account field. You can directly choose a value or use the mail merge option.

account update action


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