How to Create an Account Automation?

With account automation, you can create workflows around your B2B relationships. You can notify account owners to take action when new accounts are added, when an account’s stage changes or when important events such as renewals or stakeholder meetings are due.

If you’re new to the accounts feature, see Account Settings. For basic information on automation, see Automation Home.


Account Automation Triggers

To create an account based automation,

  1. On the main menu, navigate to Worklow>Automation.
  2. Click Create Automation.
  3. Choose the Build from Scratch option from the list of templates
  4. Select an Account Trigger.

account automation triggers

For more information, see Triggers in Account Automation.


Account Automation Conditions

Conditions in account automation are the same as those in lead automations.

For more information, see

Note: The Multi If/Else condition is not available for account automation.


Account Automation Actions

To know more, please refer to Account Automation Actions.


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