Add Landing Page Hosting Domain

 Default Landing Page Domain

The default domain to host LeadSquared landing pages is <yourdomainname> is a domain name owned by LeadSquared.

LP default domain

You can provide your own  sub-domain name to host Landing pages.  For example, the landing pages can be hosted in

To provide landing page domain, add a main domain first as described in the “Adding more website domains” section in the article.

Click Add Domain button to add sub-domain for landing page.

Add Domain Button

  1. Select Landing Page Hosting tab
  2. Select the domain in which you want to specify a sub-domain
  3. Specify the sub-domain name
  4. Save

New LP Domain

 Once you specify the sub-domain (say ,  you need to add a CNAME record in the DNS server of  of  your domain (say where points to

LP - Set Primary

The setting in your DNS may take upto 48 hours to propagate. Once it is propagated, you will see green tick mark next to the sub-domain name in LeadSquared:

LP cName connected

Here is an article on doing cName setting in control panels of popular hosting providers: How to Edit DNS Settings in Web Hosting Services

You can specify multiple landing page sub-domains across multiple domains:

Multiple Subdomains

You can specify one of the domains as Primary.  By default, the <yourdomainname> is primary.

Once you change primary domain, the default URL for landing pages will be available in that.

LP - Set Primary

You can however, get URL of landing page in any of the sub-domains that you use.

Verify the new Landing Page Domain

Once you have created and published a landing page, you can use”Get Landing page URL” option in landing page list:


Select a sub-domain to get the corresponding URL.

Get URL Popup

The URL will be displayed:

LP Published URL

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