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Four Steps to Capture Google Adwords Value Tracking Parameters in LeadSquared

This article provides you with four easy steps to capture Google Adwords value tracking parameters keywords and devices.


Step 1 – Create lead fields termed as UTM_term & UTM_device in LeadSquared

To create new lead field:



  • Create another custom field for the keyword UTM_term also as described in the procedure above.

Step 2 – Create a tracking template for Adwords

  • Create your tracking URL (with 2 additional values) – utm_term and utm_device.

An sample code is given below:


By adding this code, Adwords tracks the device and keyword values dynamically, and captures this in your LeadSquared system.

Note: Make sure these parameters in the code is in the proper format. UTM_keyword={Keyword}. If the code is something like UTM_Keyword=%7keyword%7, the following value is captured  =%7keyword%7.

Step 3 – Place the tracking template in Adwords

  • Enter the landing page URL & tracking template in correct places of Adwords which is the step where you create the ad.

  • Enter the desktop Landing page URL in the first text box.
  • Under Ad URL Options (advanced), enter the mobile Landing Page URL in the first box.
  • In the second box (highlighted with blue in the above image), enter the tracking template.

Note: Enter the template in the text box as highlighted in the image only.

Step 4 – Value Capture in LeadSquared

When a user clicks your ad from a Desktop or any mobile device, the corresponding value is automatically captured in LeadSquared.

  • For Desktop or Laptops, value for UTM_device = “C”
  • For Mobile, value of UTM_device = ”M”
  • For Tablet, value of UTM_device = ”T”

How the details appear in LeadSquared?

If you notice Step 1, you had created UTM_device field under the additional details section (highlighted in black). According to your convenience, you can create a field under any sections like Lead Details, Company Details and so on.


To view the captured value:

  • Open the lead from Adwords campaign and click the Lead Details section (refer the image). Under additional details section, you can view the lead fields & the values that are captured.