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How to Record Inbound/Outbound Calls for Leads in the LeadSquared Application?

The Inbound/Outbound calls for Leads is captured as an Activity along with the call recording for the corresponding Lead in the Lead Details window. You have to set the permissions from the Web Application of LeadSquared in order for this feature to work.


  • The call activity should be for a Lead which exists in your LeadSquared system.
  • Your LeadSquared Mobile App must be of version 4.7 or above.
  • Your Android Operating system must be of version 4.4 (KitKat) or above.
  • The Call Recording feature must be enabled from the LeadSquared Mobile App. To do this:
    • From the side bar, select Settings ->  Call Logs. Select Call Recording.

settings mobile

call logs

call logs recording

  • If you are using a Xiaomi mobile device, set permissions from the Mobile Settings to record calls for LeadSquared.

Note: Compatibility of the call recording feature for mobile devices with Cyanogen operating system (example: OnePlus devices have Cyanogen) is not guaranteed.


To set the call recording permissions:

  • Click Edit. This allows you to change the permissions in the call section.

Under the Call section, you can set the permissions to record the call. There are three permissions for the four types of users of the your LeadSquared ( Administrator, Marketing User, Sales Manager and Sales User). They are:

  • All Calls – All inbound/outbound calls of any duration is recorded, if the permission is to All Calls.
  • Random Calls – Random Calls setting records only the first call in an hour. Also the call duration should be 60 seconds or more in order to get recorded.

Example: Consider an incoming call at 15.00 hours. The call duration is 2 minutes and the call gets recorded. After this, a call at 15.45 does not get captured. Only after an hour, the next call with a duration of 60 seconds or more gets recorded.

  • No Calls – This is the default permission. No call activities are recorded.
  • Click Save.

Once the settings are completed, the recorded calls are saved in mp4 format (with call duration) to the call activity in the corresponding Lead Details page of the web application. You can either listen to or download the recording.

download recording

listen to recording