How to Record Inbound/Outbound Calls for Leads in the Mobile Application?

1. Feature Overview

This article explains how to enable inbound and outbound call recordings on the LeadSquared mobile app and where to access them.

You can record your users’ inbound/outbound calls for review and quality control. The calls are automatically posted as activities in the Activity History section of the Lead Details page. Recorded calls can also be downloaded.

Note: This feature may not be supported in some mobile phones as it is device dependent. If it is not supported on your mobile, reach out to your account manager or write to support.


2. Prerequisites

  • Install the latest version of the LeadSquared mobile app.
  • Install the latest version of the Call and SMS tracker app and enable all related permissions.
  • You must have an Android mobile device. The call recording feature is not supported on iOS devices.


3. Enable Call Recording on Your Device

3.1. For Android Users

  1. From the dashboard, tap LeadSquared - Mobile app menu.
  2. Tap Setting icon and then tap Call and SMS.
  3. Under Call Settings, enable the following permissions –
    • Show lead identification popup.
    • Show popup for unknown numbers.
    • Record calls.
Note: If you’re using Xiaomi mobile phone, enable call recording through Mobile device settings.

LeadSquared - Enable Call Recording on Your Device


3.2. For iOS Users

Previously, call tracking was not available for iOS devices. We have now introduced this feature on our iOS app as well. However, the following setting must be enabled to access this feature.

LeadSquared - call and sms permissions

  • On the mobile application,
    1. On the mobile app From the dashboard, tap LeadSquared - Mobile app menu.
    2. Tap Setting icon and then tap Calls.
    3. Under Call Settings, enable Track Outbound Phone Calls.


  • Outbound calls made directly from the dial pad and inbound calls cannot be tracked in iOS devices.
  • Call and SMS tracker app is not required for outbound call tracking in iOS devices.
  • The mobile app must be running in the foreground for the entire duration of the call. If not, the duration of the call may be recorded incorrectly. For example, if the actual duration of the call is 1 minute, but the app is brought back to the foreground 5 minutes after the call ended, the recorded duration would incorrectly be displayed as 6 minutes.

LeadSquared - Outbound call tracking in ios


4. Set Call Recording Permissions on Web App

  1. From the main menu, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Mobile App>Permissions.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Under Calls and SMS, set these permissions under the specific user roles to record calls –
    • Track Calls.
    • Record Calls
      • No Calls –  No call activities are recorded.
      • All Calls – All call activities are recorded.
    • Track SMS.
    • Override settings on device – If enabled, the call and sms permissions set by the Admin will override the mobile device level settings enabled by the users.
  4. Click Save.
Note: To know more about setting mobile app permissions on the web platform, see Configure Mobile App Settings from the Web Platform.

LeadSquared - Set Call Recording Permissions on Web App


5. View Recorded Activities

  1. Navigate to Lead>Manage Leads.
  2. Click on a relevant lead and open the Lead Details page.
  3. On the Lead Details tab, click Activity History.
  4. Alongside the call activity,
    • To download the recording, click Cloud Calling.
    • To listen to the recording, click LeadSquared CTM Telephony.
Note: The recorded calls are stored in mp4 format.

LeadSquared - View Recorded Activities


Any Questions?

We’d love to answer your questions or hear your own unique use cases. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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