How can I use the Email Campaign report?

1. Feature Overview

The Email Campaign Report provides various metrics (like the percentage of leads who have clicked, opened, or unsubscribed from the email) that help you study the impact of the campaign on your leads. You can also export these leads and create a list with those who have clicked on a link, unsubscribed, marked the email as spam etc. Modified and targeted email campaigns can be sent to the leads in these lists accordingly.

Note: To know how to create an email campaign, see Create and Schedule Email Campaigns.


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be an Admin or Marketing user to view the report.
  • You must first create and send an email campaign.


3. Email Campaign Report

Navigate to Marketing>Email Campaign and click on the relevant email campaign.

  • On the top of the page, you can view the status of the email campaign, number of recipients (target and excluded), and the email delivery rate.
  • You can also view the percentage of leads that have
    • Opened the email.
    • Clicked a link in the email.
    • Not responded to the email.
    • Marked the email as spam.
    • Unsubscribed from receiving further emails.
  • Under Target Lists, you can view the lists of leads you’ve sent emails to and their response (i.e., the click rate, bounce rate, spam rate, etc.). If a particular list has a low click rate, you can make changes to the email campaign based on the interests/requirements of the leads in that list.
  • Under Top Performing Email Links, you can view the different links in the email and their click numbers. If you observe that any of your links has low clicks, you can change the position of the link or replace the link with a new one.
  • Under Leads Engaging with Email Campaign, you can filter the leads based on whether they opened the email or clicked on the attached link. To do so, click the dropdown next to Filter Engaged Leads by.
  •  You can view the leads who unsubscribed from the email,  the leads from whom the email bounced and leads who have marked your email campaign as spam. These leads will automatically be added to the Do Not Email list in your account. If you want to send a follow-up email to these leads, you have to manually edit the lead details and un-check their Do Not Email field.
  • To export the leads in a list, click and select Export Leads.
Note: To view the reports of emails sent through automation, see Automation Reports.

LeadSquared - Email Campaign Report


4. Other Actions

To perform the actions shown in the gif, alongside the leads present in the list, click LeadSquared.

LeadSquared - Other Actions in Email Campaign Report


Any Questions?

We’d love to answer your questions or hear your own unique use cases. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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25 days ago

I want to create a Day wise & campaign wise report. How can i do that?

Oshin Anand
Reply to  Aatish
22 days ago

Hi Aatish.
You can view the campaign data at one place on Email Campaign Statistics. To see the day of the week with the highest open rate, refer to Email Campaign Send-Time Analysis.