How can I use the Email Campaign report?

Analyzing your Email Campaign report is one of the most important aspect in the process of lead management. You can use the email report to study the success/failure of the campaign, through various metrics available in the report. You use this procedure to learn the various metrics and parameters of the email campaign reports.


  • You have logged into LeadSquared.
  • You have created and sent the email campaign of which you want to study the report.

Email Campaign Report

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Email Campaign. You will see a list of all the email campaigns that you have created.

Email list

2. Note that you can view the report of a email campaign only if it is sent. Click on the email campaign to view its report. You will be redirected to the Email Campaign Report page.

EC Report

3. At the top of the report, you can view the status of the email campaign, number of recipients (target and excluded), email delivery rate, number of clicks and the number of recipients who opened/unsubscribed/reported the email.

EC Report - Copy

4. Below the status, you can view the lead lists to which you sent the email campaign. In this report too, you can analyze the click rate, bounce rate, spam rate and so on. This will give you a better idea about the reach of the email campaign. If a particular list has a low click rate, you can think of improving your email campaign.

EC Report

5. Below the list report, you can view the different links in the email and their click numbers. This is an important metric. If you observe that any of your links has low clicks, you could consider changing the position of the link, or replacing the link, or even replacing the link with a new one. One of these decisions could make your email campaign successful.

EC Report

6. You can view the leads that responded to your email campaign by opening the email or by clicking on any of the links in the email. You can filter the leads on the basis of Open or Click activity of the leads.


You can perform the following actions to the lead details

  • Edit: This allows you to edit the lead details. You can edit any of details available in the Edit Lead window.
  • Add Task: This allows you to create a task in relation to the particular lead. You can add any task in the Create Task window.
  • Send Email: This allows you to send a quick one to one email to the lead. In the Send Email window you can compose an email and include any variable that you require.
  • Add To List: This allows you to add the lead to an existing list or add it to a new list, by creating one in the Add to List window.
  • Change Owner: This allows you to assign an owner to the lead. By default the logged in user will be the lead owner.
  • Delete: This allows you to delete the lead details from LeadSquared.

7. Lastly, you can view the leads who unsubscribed from the email,  the leads from whom the email bounced and leads who marked your email campaign as spam. These leads will be automatically added to Do Not Email list in LeadSquared. If you want to send any further email to these leads, then you will have to manually edit the lead detail and un-check their “Do Not Email field”.

EC report

You can also export the leads that unsubscribe or mark email as SPAM.

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