Personalize Email Campaign using Mail Merge fields

1. Feature Overview

Personalise emails with lead, account, and sender details using Mail Merge fields. For example, to include the lead’s name in your email’s subject line, add the First Name tag. When the email is sent to a list of leads, it gets personalised based on the name of each lead. You can add mail merge tags in the subject line, body, or footer.

Even custom fields in your account can be used as Mail Merge Tags. If you need a tag that doesn’t exist in your account, create a custom field and include it in Mail Merge. To know more, see How To Create Custom Fields.


LeadSquared - Mail Merge example


2. Prerequisite

You must be the Administrator or the Marketing User of your account.


3. Insert Mail Merge Tags in Visual Designer

To insert mail merge tags in the body of your email –

  1. Click the text box where you need to insert a mail merge tag. Alternatively, type ‘@’ and select the required tag.
  2. On the toolbox, click Merge tags.
  3. Select the required mail merge tag.
Note: Add mail merge tags in your subject line by copying and pasting the tags from the body.
LeadSquared - Mail Merge Tags in Visual Designer



4. Insert Mail Merge Tags in Rich Text, Plain Text, and HTML Editor

To insert mail merge tags in your email’s subject line and body –

  1. Navigate to the right-hand side of your editor.
  2. Under Email Personalization, select the required category of mail merge tags (For example – Lead Fields, Account Fields, etc.).
  3. Place your cursor on the required position (on the subject line or the body of the email) and click the mail merge field.
LeadSquared - Mail Merge Tags in Email Editor



Any Questions?

We’d love to answer your questions or hear your unique use cases. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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28 days ago

How to create a new merge tag?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Swadesh
27 days ago

Hi, Swadesh. You cannot create a new merge tag. You can only work with existing ones available in your account.