How to personalize Email Campaign using Mail Merge fields?

The Mail Merge fields feature allows you to personalize your Email campaign with Lead Details, Sender Details and also company details, without having to manually write the information in the Email. Mail Merge fields allows you to personalize the Sender Name, Subject Line, HTML message, Email footer and also the Text message. By using this feature, each lead or recipient receives a personalized Email.

The custom fields that are present in your LeadSquared account can be used as Mail Merge fields. For instance, Lead First Name, Company and so on.

There are four types of Email Editors available in your LeadSquared system to create Email templates. They are:

  • Visual Designer – This is a drag-drop editor which allows to create responsive design Emails.
  • Rich-Text Editor – Allows you to add formatting and pictures to text without using HTML tags.
  • Plain Text Editor – Allows you to create simple plain-text email with no images or text formatting.
  • HTML Editor – Allows you to change the look and feel of your Email content using HTML markup.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

Mail Merge for Rich Text, Plain Text and HTML Email Editor

How to Insert Mail Merge Tags for the Subject Line and Email Body?

The procedure to insert Mail Merge tags to the subject line of your Email for Rich Text, Plain Text and the HTML Editors are the same. To do this:

  • From the right-hand side of your Rich Text/Plain Text/HTML Email Editor, under Email Personalization, select the required category of Mail Merge tags from the drop-down field.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

  • Place your cursor on the subject line of the Email and click the required Mail Merge field. The Mail Merge field is added to the subject line.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

To add Mail Merge tags to the Email body:

  • Select the required Mail Merge category under Email Personalization.
  • Place the cursor in the required position in the Email body and click the required Mail Merge field to add.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

Note: You can add multiple Mail Merge fields to your Subject line or Email body.

The above procedure shows images of how to add Mail Merge tags in the Rich Text Editor. The procedure is the same for Plain Text and HTML Email editors as shown in the images below:

HTML Editor

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

Plain-Text Editor

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

Mail Merge for Visual Designer

To add the Mail Merge fields to the Email body of the Visual Designer Email Editor:

  • From the Visual Designer Email Editor window, place the cursor on the required text area of the Email body. A tool bar appears.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

  • Click Merge tags from the tool bar. The Insert Merge tags pop-up box appears.
  • Click the required Mail Merge tag and it is added to the Email body.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

Note: To add Mail Merge tags to the subject line of the Visual Designer, copy/paste the Mail Merge tags to the subject line after adding to the Email body.

If you want to use a particular Mail Merge field which is not present in your LeadSquared  account, you can create a custom field and include that in the Mail Merge box. For more information, see How To Create Custom Fields?

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