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How does Lead Scoring work?

Feature Overview

Lead Score is a numeric value associated with a Lead which allows you to measure its relative importance over other leads in the system. It allows you to segment Hot Leads from the remaining leads. Lead Score is based on Notable Activities updated against the leads. A Notable Activity is any event that is of importance in the life cycle of Lead.

Example: A submission on the Landing Page is a very important event and hence it is a Notable Activity.  Every Notable Activity is associated with a score. The aggregate of these scores on a particular Lead is called Lead Score.

When a lead performs any Notable Activity, the Lead Score gets automatically updated. For instance, submission on a Landing Page may have a score of 100 associated to it. Hence, when a Lead submits on your landing page, the Lead is automatically updated with a score of 100.

To understand how to add a notable activity and to know how it works, refer to How to add Custom Lead Activity and associate a Score to it?

How to Edit a Score

  1. From the default LeadSquared Dashboard, go to My Account -> Settings -> Customization -> Core Activities & Scores. The Core Activities & Scores window appears. View the list of core system activities and the scores associated with each activity in here.
  2. Click Edit, if you want to change the score of the required notable activity, and then click Save.

For detailed information on how to create a custom activity and how to assign a score to it, refer to How to Add a Custom Activity?

Once an activity with a score happens against a lead, the Lead Score is updated automatically in the Lead Details page.

  • From the Manage Leads page, click the required lead. You are redirected to the Lead Details page. Here you can view the activity performed by the lead, and the lead score added.

In the above image, the Had a Phone Conversation activity has a score of +5. This value is added to the Lead Score.

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