How to Share Opportunities for a Limited Duration

1. Feature Overview

The Opportunity Share feature lets you share an opportunity with a sales user for a configurable period. It also lets you control whether the user can perform read or edit actions on the opportunity.



2. Example Use Cases

Here is an example of a use case you can achieve using the opportunity share feature –

Sharing opportunities between teams or departments
Let’s look at the example of a bank that offers different products (Home Loan, Personal Loan, etc.). The Home Loans team contacts John, a lead, and sets up an appointment with him. After speaking to him, the Home Loans team gets a new personal loan requirement from John. Here, the Home Loans team can share John’s details with the Personal Loans team.


3. Prerequisites


4. Set up Opportunity Share

  1. Navigate to Workflow>Automation, and click Create Automation.
  2. Select any of the following triggers –
    • New Opportunity
    • Opportunity Update
    • New Activity on Opportunity
    • Activity Update on Opportunity
    • Task Created on Opportunity
    • Task Completed on Opportunity
    • Task Reminder for Opportunity
  3. After the trigger is selected, click expand, and under Opportunity Actions, click Share Opportunity.
  4. On the Share Opportunity pop-up, configure –
    • Share With – The sales user you want to share the opportunity with.
    • For – Select the duration for which you want to share the opportunity.
    • Access to – Select if you want to provide view-only access or view and modify the opportunity access.
  5. Once you’re done, click Save, and then click Publish. The automation is now live.

LeadSquared Opportunity Share API


6. View Opportunity Share History Tab

From the Manage Opportunities page, you can view the opportunity share history for any opportunity, including details such as the duration the opportunity was shared for and the source (API or Automation). The page can be filtered by users the entity was shared with and the share status (Processing, Completed, Failed).

Lead and Opportunity Share


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