Opportunity Automation Actions

Here you’ll learn to create opportunity actions through automation.
Define criteria and then set up opportunity actions to automatically execute when that criteria is met –

  • Post activities to the opportunity
  • Update existing opportunities

Opportunity Automation_1


Add Activity

Example Use Cases

  • When an opportunity is created, an ‘Introductory Phone Call’ activity is automatically posted on the opportunity.
  • Once the introductory phone call is completed, an ‘Email Sent’ activity is posed on the opportunity.

Allows you to add a custom activity to the opportunity. Click Add Activity and the Add Activity on the Opportunity pop-up box appears –

Opportunity Automation_2

Select the custom activity from the drop-down list.

Note: If your custom activity has any associated custom field, click Add an additional field to add and select custom activity fields to associate to the activity. You can also additionally add mail merge fields to the selected activity type.

Opportunity Automation_4

Once you’re done, click Save. For more information on custom activities, please refer to How to Add a Custom Activity?


Update Opportunity

Example Use Cases

  • When an opportunity is created and is distributed to your users, you can update the opportunity owner automatically.
  • When a lead performs an activity (clicks on an email, visits a webpage, etc.), you can update the opportunity status automatically.

Click Update Opportunity, and the Update opportunity fields pop-up box appears. This pop-up allows you to update existing Opportunity Field values with new values, if required.

Opportunity Automation_5

In the above image, the Lead Status is ‘Open’, and the Notes field is also updated. These Opportunity fields are updated with these values if the Opportunity satisfies the criteria you’ve specified. You can also add mail merge fields if required.

Note: If the Allow Auto Update option is enabled for the dropdown field during Opportunity Configuration, then you can pass a mailmerge value here, to update the dropdown options of the opportunity field with the value of the lead field.


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