Wildcard Search Limitations

1. Feature Overview

Advanced searches performed with wildcard operators (Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, and Ends with) are rate-limited to prevent performance issues on your LeadSquared account. By default, the rate limit is 3 wildcard searches per minute per user in the account. If the number of wildcard searches exceeds this limit, users will see the errors documented below while using the advanced search feature.

Note: The default rate limit can be modified based on your request. If you wish to change the rate limits, please reach out to us at support@leadsquared.com.


3. Wildcard Search Limitations

Rate limits are applied on all pages with Advanced Search –


  • Users cannot create dynamic or refreshable lists with wildcard operators.
  • Users cannot perform bulk actions across pages filtered via wildcard operators in Advanced Search.
  • These limitations don’t apply to fields with less than 500 characters.

LeadSquared - Wildcard Rate Limiting


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