Mobile App Permissions

The LeadSquared app requests for Location Access, Storage and Calendar access permissions after installation. These permissions only need to be granted once and ensure that the essential features of the app run smoothly and without interruption.

For settings and permissions related to features within the app, see Configure Mobile App Settings from the Web Platform.

PermissionDescriptionWhy we require it
Location AccessAllows the app access to your device’s location services.We require location data permissions to run the following features –

  • Location tracking and Check-in/Check-out allow you to manage your field sales operations by tracking the attendance, location and travel path of your users.
  • The Leads Near Me feature shows you locations and routes to leads in your vicinity, so you can plan and execute your tasks efficiently.
  • In addition, LeadSquared also has a geo-fence feature that prevents users from completing tasks outside a specified perimeter.
Storage PermissionsGives the app access to your device’s storage.


This permission allows the LeadSquared app to store data (pictures, files, app logs, etc.) on your phone.
Calendar AccessAllows the apps to access your device’s calendar.


Tasks are synced to your calendar to send you updates and notifications that help you stay on top of your sales.
Camera (Optional)Allows the app to use the camera on the device to take pictures.While creating leads or activities using custom field sets, you can either upload attachments from your device or click a picture of important documents, forms, etc. related to the lead/activity.

Note that this permission can be removed from your app settings with no operational side effects.

Battery Optimization (Android)Manages your device’s apps to conserve battery.Some devices may limit background location updates to save power. Check that the mobile device’s battery optimization settings do not restrict the tracking app’s background activity. 


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