Enhancements in Portals, Automation and More…

We’ve released a number of enhancements across Portals, Forms & Processes, Automation, and more…


1. Portals and Forms & Processes

1. Forms can be used to create a login to your portal, by enabling password or OTP functionalities. You can also prevent junk leads and spam submissions by enabling captcha. To know more, refer to LeadSquared Portals.


2. You can now associate a lead with an account using the Account field. For more information on LeadSquared forms, see How to Create a Form.

account field in forms


2. Automation

1. We recently released automation triggers for activities on activities. You can now view reports for these automations. For more details, see Automation Reports.

activity on activity automation report

2. For activity on activity automation triggers, parent activity fields are now available for mail merge in all automation actions (Send Email, Send Opt-In Email, Notify). In the example below, in the ‘Notify User’ action, we’re using mail merge to dynamically set the parent activity owner who the user must contact about the lead –

mail merge in activity on activity actions

3. The task ‘Schedule’ field (task due date) is now available for mail merge in all supported actions.

task due date mail merge

4. Now export the list of filtered leads from the send email action in your automation.

Automation Send Email Lead Export


3. Others

1. Advanced search can now be performed using the ‘Prospect Id’ field.

prospect Id advanced search

2. If you don’t want certain users to view the first name and/or last name of your leads, you can now use permission templates to mask these fields. For more details, see How to Create a Permission Template.

permission template restrict lead name

3. Documents uploaded to custom field sets for both leads and activities can be viewed and downloaded from the Documents tab. Be sure to set the Document Source field as Custom Field Set Files.

CFS documents for leads and activities

4. Activity export and lead export now includes a column containing the image slide show URL (for documents uploaded in custom fields sets) in the exported CSV.

Export leads CFS URLs