[7-Jun-19] Improvements in Forms & Processes, Custom Field Sets and Lead Share

We’ve released new features and made key enhancements across the entire LeadSquared platform. Here are the areas of improvement –

  • Forms & Processes
  • Custom Field Sets
  • Lead Share


Forms & Processes

  • You can now use Lapps in form rules. This will help you address custom use cases such as calculating loan eligibility or EMI through a Lapp and displaying it on your forms.
  • You can reduce the size of a custom field set in your form to a single column. This will help you display document statuses alongside the documents.

form enhancements

  • We’ve introduced a new Events tab in the Show Form action of the Process Designer. It lets you call Lapps or an external API before a form is submitted. You can use this as a final validation for a form submission. For more information, see How to Create a Process.

show form events tab

  • Lead Activity History is now available as a work area while setting up a process. You can trigger a process on the edit activity action in the activity history tab. For more information, see How to Create a Process.

activity history process trigger

additional form settings


Custom Field Sets

  • Files uploaded through Custom Field Sets can now be viewed on the Documents tab of the Lead Details page. You can click to view uploaded files in the file viewer and can also download multiple documents as a zip file.
    The search box is enhanced to find results based on the activity name, custom field set name and the sub-fields within a custom field set.

lead details docs tab

  • Now enter custom values in the ‘Status’ field of a Custom Field Set. Note that the last value you enter will be treated as ‘Approved’, regardless of how you rename it.

CFS status fields


Lead Share

You can view the lead share history for any particular lead, including details such as the activity and duration the lead was shared for, as well as the lead share source (API or Automation). The page can be filtered by users the lead was shared with and the share status (Processing, Completed, Failed).

The tab is available on the Lead Details page –

lead share history

For more information, see How to Share Leads for a Limited Duration.