LeadSquared Product Update # 21

We finished the 21st production update of LeadSquared on Sunday, Dec 28th, 2014. This release was code-named “SCANDIUM“.  We  code-name our release on periodic table of elements and Scandium happens to be 21st. So starting with HYDROGEN as first release we have come far till SCANDIUM and the next release will be named TITANIUM!

Enough about elements, now lets look at what all changes have been made in this release.  First of all, clear your browser cache  to access the latest copy of the LeadSquared App. You can do it by using CTRL +  F5 on most windows machines and Cmd + Shift + Delete on most Mac machines.

Here are the release notes capturing the changes:

Responsive Landing Page Designer

We have made very significant improvements in our responsive landing page designer that we released in Nov.  You will be able to create beautiful responsive  pages using the revamped designer. We have added  several useful block types and property panels. Check Building Responsive Landing Pages for details.  You should also check our slideshare PPT on responsive designer at  Slideshow on building responsive landing pages.

We haven’t taken the “BETA” tag off the responsive editor since there is some work left to be done (like adding templates) that we plan to finish in TITANIUM.

LP Responsive Editor

Customizable Dashboard

You can create your own dashboard now. The old dashboard has been replaced with a System created role based dashboard and we have given ability to create custom dashboards. Each user can create upto 10 dashboards and make one of them as Default.

Here is the KB article:  Create your custom Dashboard in LeadSquared

Dashboard - Make default

Create autoresponder based on open/click of Email Campaign

You can now trigger autoresponder emails to leads who will open or click your future email campaigns.

AR - select activity

Personalize LeadSquared with your own Logo

You can now upload your own logo to replace the default LeadSquared logo.  Here is how you can do it: How to upload your own logo in LeadSquared?

Updated Logo

Customizing Quick Add Lead form using Drag/Drop

The Admin users will find customizing Quick Add Lead Form easier with new drag/drop form designer. Check the KB article: Lead Form Customization

Quick Add Lead - Customize

Control Lead Export and Delete permissions

The Admin users can now assign/revoke Lead Export and Lead Delete permissions from User Roles.  Check the KB article: How to control lead export and lead delete permissions for users? 

Role Permissions

Change User Id of LeadSquared User

Admin users can now update email id (or user id) of an existing user. This will help when you want to replace a leadsquared user with a new one.

CHange User Email Id

There have been several other  minor updates that will help improve your  LeadSquared experience. We look forward to your continued support and feedback.

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