Marvin Updates – Cancer

Marvin is LeadSquared’s new Inside Sales Application that features significant improvements in the user experience across the platform. Marvin is designed specifically to increase the productivity of Sales Users and Sales Managers but retains similarities to the existing platform to ensure effortless adoption. To know more, refer to Marvin – Feature Guide.

To enable Marvin in your account, contact your account manager or write to us at


Share Lead via Email

You can now share a lead with other users in your organisation directly from the Lead Details page.

LeadSquared - Share lead via email


Add Opt-In Comments While Editing Lead Properties

Users can now enter opt-in comments when they edit the Lead Properties to –

  • Disable/enable Do Not Send Email field.
  • Disable/enable Do Not Track field.

LeadSquared - opt in comment


View Forms in Full Screen

Forms can now be viewed in full-screen mode. To enable this feature, contact your account manager or write to us at

LeadSquared - full screen forms


Star Leads

Users can now star and unstar leads on all the lead grids in Marvin.

LeadSquared - star leads in marvin


Preview Videos in CFS Fields

Users can now preview the videos added in CFS fields.


Select All Activities in Lead Details Page

Users can now select all activities to be displayed on the Activity History tab in Lead Details.

LeadSquared - Select all in Activity History


Processes in Lead Details Work Areas

Processes added in Lead V Card Edit work area will now be reflected on Marvin as well.

LeadSquared - Processes in Lead Details Work Areas