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Portal Registration Forms

1. Feature Overview

You can use LeadSquared forms to create registration forms (sign-up forms) on your portals. The most basic registration form consists of a username/email address/phone number field and set password field.
On LeadSquared, in addition to the basic registration form requirements, you can also add other relevant lead fields (first name, product, course, etc.) and set rules and conditions on them.



2. Prerequisites

  • You should be an administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • You must have access to the Portal’s license.
  • Forms and Processes, along with portals, must be enabled on your LeadSquared account.


3. How It Works

The form builder offers a setting that enables you to convert a form into a registration form for your portal –

  1. First, create a new form or edit an existing one.
  2. Next, enable the portal registration setting for the form.
  3. Publish the form and use it in your portal set up.


3.1 Create/Edit a Form

To create a new form or edit an existing form, see How to Create a Form.


3.2 Enable Portal Registration

After adding the relevant fields to the form (first name, last name, email, password, etc.)

Note: You may use any unique field in your account as the login field (search key) such as Student Id, Customer Id, or any field relevant to your business. To learn more, see How to Make a Custom Field Unique.

  1. On the Settings pop-up, open the Portals Settings tab, and toggle the Portal Registration Form enable icon slider.
  2. Select a unique field as the Search Key for Portal Registration. You can choose from options such as email address, mobile number, Id number, PAN number, Social Security Number, etc.
  3. Enable the Register with OTP option if you want to enable password-less registration for your leads.
  4. Once you’re done configuring the form, click Publish.



3.3 Publish Your Form and Use it in Your Portal Setup

When you’re done, click Publish to make your form live for your end-users. Published forms can be exported and used in portals. You can also set up an application process using a series of forms through the process designer. For more information, see LeadSquared Portals.

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