How to delete Leads?

You can delete a Lead or groups of Leads from your LeadSquared account permanently.


  • If you delete leads in bulk, you won’t see them disappear from your system till the next day as bulk deletes are processed overnight.
  • Leads will be deleted permanently from your LeadSquared Account. All activities and email information will be removed. This action can not be undone and lost data can’t be recovered.


1. You should be an Admin User of your LeadSquared Account.

2. For other User Roles: “Delete Leads Permission” should be enabled by the Administrator.

Typical Use Cases: 

1. You can delete a lead record while you are working on that particular lead, directly from Lead Details page.

2. You can delete a lead or multi select hand picked leads or filtered leads from Manage Leads Page. (Maximum 100 leads at once)

3. Leads can be deleted in bulk by creating a Static List of leads to be deleted, using Managed Lists Feature.


1. Delete a lead while working on it directly from Lead Details Page:

Navigate to Leads > Manage Leads > Click on the Lead to work on, from the lead grid.

To Delete the lead you can hover the cursor on Lead Actions section to see the Delete option and click it.

Delete from Lead Details page

Confirmation window pops open. Confirm the action by clicking Delete button.

delete lead Confirmation1

2. Delete Leads from Manage Leads Page:

A. To delete a Lead directly from Manage Leads Page, hover on the actions Icon next to that particular lead as shown below to see Delete option. A confirmation window pops up to confirm Lead delete action.

del from Manage Leads2

B. You can use Filters or Search options  available on Manage Leads Page to filter leads. Select All or multi select a few leads to be deleted as per requirement.

Note: Maximum Leads that can be selected for deletion is 100 at once, as the page allows only 100 leads max per page.

show leads

del leads from MLeads 3

Confirm Delete action on selected leads in the pop-up shown.

Delete confirmation MLeads

Delete Success message will be shown.

delete success

3. Bulk of Leads can be deleted at once by creating a Static List of leads.

To know how to create a Static List, please refer to List Management – Feature Guide.

Once the Static list is created; you can click on the list to see the Leads in the list.

Manage Lists Page for delete

In List Actions Section (Seen in Blue color) you can see an option to Delete All Leads.

Clicking on it you can delete all the leads in List permanently from your LeadSquared Account.

Delete all leads opt in List Actions

Once Delete All Leads option is clicked, a Confirmation Popup with a warning message is shown.

All leads del Confirmation

Once Delete Action is confirmed your Request for deletion of leads will be queued for processing.

A notification stating the same can be seen in a popup as shown below.

Delete Request Queued

In order  to Delete All Leads in your LeadSquared Account, create a Static List for All the Leads and Delete as above.

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