How to schedule a LeadSquared Report?

You can schedule the delivery of your LeadSquared report to your LeadSquared Email address. The scheduled report is delivered and is available only to the user who schedules it.

Note: The schedule feature for Reports is not available to all the LeadSquared Reports. If you want the schedule feature enabled for any of the Reports, please email to:


  • You should be an Administrator, Sales Manager or Marketing User of the LeadSquared system in order to schedule a report.


To schedule a Report:

LeadSquared Reports

As an example, the Activity list by Leads report under Lead Insights category is selected.

LeadSquared Reports

  • Apply the required filters and click Run Report.
  • Click  to bookmark the report with the filter settings to save it to My Saved Reports. The Name your Bookmark pop-up box appears.

LeadSquared Reports

  • Enter the required bookmark name and click Save. The bookmarked report is indicated by .

Once this is completed, you can schedule the report using either of the following two methods:

  • From the same report window, click  . The My Report Bookmarks window appears.


  • Go to Reports -> My Saved Reports. The My Report Bookmarks window appears.

LeadSquared Reports

The Bookmark Actions area allows you to re-run the report with new filters, edit and delete the bookmark.

  • Click  to schedule the report. The Schedule pop-up box appears.

LeadSquared Reports

  • Select the schedule frequency, Start Time, Start Date and End Date(if required) and click Create Schedule. The Report is scheduled and the message appears as shown in the image below:

LeadSquared Reports

  • The Report is delivered in PDF format to your LeadSquared Email address as shown in the image below:

LeadSquared Reports

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Gaurav Rai
Gaurav Rai
3 months ago

Want to know that how we can update the frequency. like i want to schedule the report every 1 hour

Zaid Assadi
Reply to  Gaurav Rai
3 months ago

Hi, Gaurav. Currently, it’s not possible to schedule a report each hour.

6 months ago

If I want last 7 days report on daily basis, and there is no drop down for last 7 days so I put the custom dates, will the daily report delivery keep updating the dates for last 7 days on daily basis or will it keep sending me report for exactly those custom days which I had mentioned during creating the report.

Dharshana Santhanam
Reply to  Narasimha
6 months ago

Hello, Narasimha.
Instead of selecting custom dates, you can choose to receive reports of ‘This Week’. In this case, you can continue to receive daily reports with the day’s updated data.