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How to use LeadSquared connector for Ameyo?

The Ameyo Connector allows to use LeadSquared within the Ameyo Contact Centre application. Unlike other LeadSquared connectors, this allows you to embed LeadSquared within the Ameyo application. It allows you to manage lead activities and capture all lead details at one place. Ameyo is an all-in-one customer interaction suite. For more information on Ameyo, visit: http://www.ameyo.com.

Features And Benefits

  • Prevents lead leakage by tracking phone calls as leads and activities.
  • Access call recordings of inbound calls.


  • You should be an administrator user of both LeadSquared and Ameyo Contact Centre applications.

Accessing Ameyo Connector

  1. From the Leadsquared dashboard, go to Apps > AppsMarketplace > Contact Centre and select Ameyo Connector.

apps marketplace

contact centre


You can alternatively search for Ameyo Connector using the search field in the AppsMarketplace window.

  1. Click Add Connector. The connector is added and the following message is displayed:

‘’Connector added successfully’’.

  1. Click Configure. The Configure Ameyo Connector pop-up box is displayed.

add connector

configure solutuion

  1. From the Select Solution drop-down box, select Ameyo.
  2. Enter the details in the following fields which pops up after the solution is selected:
    • Virtual Number – Enter the virtual number. Example: +91-9876543210 or 1800XXXXXXX
    • URL: Disposition Codes – Enter the URL to retrieve disposition codes from Drishti Soft. Example: http://123.45.678.900:8786/getDisposition/getDisposition.php
    • URL: Call Dispose – Enter the URL to dispose the call.
    • Enable Click to Call – Check this box if you want to enable click call.
  1. Enable Click to Call – Check this box if you want to enable click call.

configure ameyo connector 3

Note: Please note down or copy the Single SignOn URL, Customer URL and Home Page URL. These are user specific and should be provided to the Ameyo team.

  1. Click Save Configuration.
  2. To authenticate, log on to the Ameyo portal using your LeadSquared user ID and password.

In Ameyo, for existing leads, any incoming call or number dialed pops up the existing Lead Details page of the corresponding lead . For new leads, any incoming call or number dialed will pop-up the Add Leads page for the corresponding lead.

corrected lead details ameyo

lead create with ameyo

The Add Lead pop-window will open for new leads with the telephone number of the new lead as the first name from any inbound/outbound call.