Leads Near Me feature of LeadSquared Mobile App

The Leads Near Me feature of your LeadSquared mobile app detects leads in and around your geographical location. This allows you to view leads around you when you are on the move and would like to plan your day to close as many sales opportunities as possible.

Use Case Example

Consider that you are in Bangalore to close sales deals with your Leads. Using the Lead Near Me feature, you are able to filter out the Leads who are at London and you can contact these leads for faster sales closure.


  • You should install the LeadSquared mobile app android version 5.4.1 or  iOS version 2.7 or higher.
  • You should install the Lead Location Updater App of LeadSquared. This app updates the address fields of a lead into location coordinates, thereby enabling the Leads Near Me feature to work. If the Lead Location Updater App is not installed and you try to use Leads Near Me, then the following error message may appear:

Note: If you have used the Update Lead Location feature, the leads are available as the coordinates are automatically mapped to the address with it

  • Your location services (GPS) must be enabled from your mobile phone.


  • Log on to your LeadSquared Mobile App using your credentials and from the left menu, select Leads Near Me. The Leads Near Me page appears:


By default, this page displays all the leads which are at or nearby your location with 5kms. By clicking on the number of Leads, you can view the Leads nearby in a list:

By selecting the required lead, you can view the Lead Details, call or launch Google Maps to navigate to the Lead.

From the single view of the lead on the map, you can do the following:

  • SMS or Call the Lead – You can do this by tapping on the Lead’s phone number.

  • Email the Lead – Tap the Email ID of the lead to Email to send an Email.

  • Navigate to Lead Location – Navigate to the lead location by tapping the Google Maps icon.

View or Update Lead details – Tap  to view or update the lead details.

You can filter the Leads in the following:

  • Search location – Search for leads in a particular location before going there.
  • Filter by Stage, Source or Owner – You can filter the leads nearby by the following criteria:
    • Lead Stage
    • Lead Source
    • Lead Owner

View Leads menu – This menu allows you to view your leads as well as view leads which you have permission to as well.

By default, this is always set to ‘View my leads’.

View Leads within a particular distance –

Allows you set the range of distance around which you might want to viewleads around you, depending on how much you think you could likely travel for that day.


Note: By default, this is set to 5kms.  If you click on ‘Custom’, the minimum distance you can set is 1 KM and the maximum is 50 kms.

Actions from the List View of Leads Near Me

Actions for Single Lead

From the list view, swipe left to Send an SMS to a Lead. You can also do this by selecting a single lead and clicking the menu in the top right corner.

You can Call the Lead by swiping right. Please see the below image for reference.

You can also send an Email, Post a Note, Add task or tags and Delete the lead from here.

Actions for Multiple Leads

You can multi select leads from the list view and do the following actions:

  • Send SMS
  • Add Tag
  • Change Owner
  • Change Stage

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